Thursday, October 3, 2019

Duality in Frankenstein Essay Example for Free

Duality in Frankenstein Essay Victor and the monster have a special relation that goes beyond any known up to date. Not even Henry Clerval has this relation with Victor; the monster is the fulfilment of Victor and vice versa, Victor hides from society whilst the monster aches for society, Victor does not appreciate the surroundings and nature, the monster lives for it. The monster is what Victor fails to be, for example at the beginning of his life the monster is naà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ve and a believer in Mother Nature and some superior being, whilst Victor believes he is God by creating life, he is very intelligent and plays tricks on people and he only believes in himself. The fact is that whatever the monster has, Victor is lacking for example, and the monster has love for everyone and is not prejudiced, Victor only love himself as he makes it clear during the novel and maybe he appreciates Clerval but only because Henry is what he wanted to be in the future. Also and most importantly Victor has something the monster will never have, a name, and not only a simple name he has a very well known and prosper name, the monster will never be known and disappear in oblivion, whilst the Frankenstein name will perjure forever, like he says in the begging of the novel, I was willing to achieve the fame. Another thing which marks the duality by these two characters is the social life they both have, most importantly Victor is always sad and apart from this, he lacks any feeling, whilst the monster living in a shed discovers that happiness can be achieved anywhere and is himself joyful even though he see other people being happy, the monster discovers love, Victor discover admiration, the monster learns how to appreciate what he has and what nature gives him, and Victor is not happy with what he has nor with what the nature gives him, he is so unconformity that he has to create his own being and alter nature. Most importantly the monster seeks social adaptation and love whilst Victor hides from people and love, he is repulsed by the idea that he has to marry Elizabeth and he does not have other friend than Henry. Another different thing by both these characters is their love for Elizabeth, the monster demonstrates that he loves her by her aspect, her eyes her mouth she is so perfect that the monster needs her for himself and Victor loves her because he admires her but nothing else so if you compare these two feelings you will see that the complete each other and they in conjunction create love and admiration. The emotions that Victor lacks are very powerful in the monster until the moment of his departure form the DeLacy house. Until that moment the monster does not realise his full repulsion and believes in the goodness of mankind, Victor hates mankind and Im sure that he would love to be the only man in the world and depend only on himself. And the monster is so good in attitude and feelings and so loving in his interior that we feel so bad for him and so hating for victor that we cant stand it we have to hate victor because these two characters are like the Jing and jang, the good and the bad which cannot exist with some bad in them, the monster is loving but kills and Victor plays to be good and is unsocial but loved Henry, Elizabeth and his small brother. In conclusion the monster fulfils Victor emotionally and social and most importantly with his will of survival whilst Victor fulfils the monster with that basic needs of small quantities of hate, disrespect and will to be above the others.

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