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Restaurant Business Plan Essay

Chapter 1 Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will enter into a market with perfect competition. With perfect competition Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will have an infinite number of consumers with the willingness and ability to buy our products at a certain price. It would also have an infinite amount of producers with the willingness and ability to supply the products at a certain price. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge is a new fine dining restaurant and lounge located on LaGrange Road in Orland Park. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will target both fun-seeking as well as sophisticated diners looking for great food in a fascinating atmosphere. Our Rooftop will offer 360 degree views with a unique outdoor terrace. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will seek to earn 85% gross margins through an innovative and creative setting, a great menu, and the best service. Five Factors of Production: Start up costs and all financing of Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will be funded by the owner Kevin Lentz. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge would be situated on a busy intersection in Orland Park. This would be new construction: building Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge from the ground up. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge would first have to hire a construction company to build the establishment. Once the building was complete and up to code, Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge would hire its staff and purchase inventory. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge focuses on local and tourist active restaurant seekers, with special focus on young adults with a $20-30,000 a year income and a desire for good food with a fascinating atmosphere. According to Orland Park’s demographics from the United States Census Bureau we generally know the characteristics of our target market. Our personal crowd would consist of young adults (ages 20-29) and adults (ages 30-50), both male and female, usually at least one year of college if not already fully graduated. Our geographics include people from the local Orland Park area, people from neighboring cities, and tourists from other states and countries. Chapter 2 Restaurants rack up one of the most costly environmental bills in the retail world. Fortunately, there are ways restaurants can go green on more than just their menus. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will be a Certified Green Restaurant. Some Certified Green Restaurants save thousands of dollars by cutting energy, water, and waste. They appeal to environmentally concerned Americans and those who are health conscious. How will Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge be environmentally friendly and socially responsible? Walking into Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge you’ll find recycled wood panels, eco-friendly flooring, and zero use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints. We will fill our facility with Energy Star qualified equipment and compact fluorescent lighting that produces 75 percent less energy and heat. Clients can also enjoy unique creations like crispy Thai trout tacos, original vegan Championburgers, or mango-guava fruit shakes. Rooftop restaurant and Lounge takes flavor seriously, backing up its meals and drinks with a 100% Taste Guarantee. If you don’t like your meal or drink they will happily whip you up something else or give you your money back. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge serves Certified Humane, hormone-free meat and prepares their meals with only 100 percent organic ingredients. A 100 percent organic menu also offers tempting sandwiches, desserts, beer, and wine. Rather than using cheaper ingredients, the company splurges a little to buy quality foods that are ta stier and more nutritious. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge also offsets 100 percent of their energy use by purchasing certificates for renewable wind power. Besides constructing their building out of recycled materials, Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge still bases its business on integrity. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge pays their employees fair wages and benefits. By going green, restaurants can often earn more green. Chapter 3 What is the intended form of ownership? Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge is a sole-proprietorship business owned in majority by its founder and president Kevin Lentz. The owner is also personally responsible for all debts and liabilities incurred by the business. A sole proprietor can own the business for any duration of time and sell it when he or she sees fit. As owner, a sole proprietor can even pass a business down to his or her heirs. A sole proprietor has complete control and decision-making power over the business. A sole proprietor has minimal start up legal fees and NO corporate tax payments. Sole proprietors receive all income generated by the business to keep or reinvest. The owner pays taxes on income from the business as part of his or her personal income tax payments. All responsibilities and business decisions fall on the shoulders of the sole proprietor. The sole proprietor of the business can be held personally liable for the debts and obligations of the business. Additionally, this risk extends to any liabilities incurred as a result of acts committed by employees of the company. Most sole proprietors rely on loans and personal assets to initially finance their business. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will choose to incorporate once the business has started to grow. Chapter 4 Assuming Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will have international operations: Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will have a second location in Cancun, Mexico located in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. At this location Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge will have exquisite Mexican decor and outstanding Mexican cuisine. There are multitude of different kinds of organizational structures in international business for instance, one particular structure may require a substantially different plan of coordinating the activities of any given individual or organization. Independent Agent: An independent agent can be defined as an international individual or company who works with an exporter to represent the organization in question best interests in an international destination. Often these agents will take on the roles of being a sales representative. They offer the exporters goods, obtain payments by the purchaser, and as well work to ensure that the exporter’s clients are absolutely satisfied with the goods received. These agents will often have a wide variety of clients or firms who often do not specialize in any specified product or market. For example, Levi Strauss employs agents all across the world specifically in small countries found within these continents, South America, Africa, and Asia. Licensing arrangement: A licensing arrangement can be defined as an agreement in which an owner of a particular good will allow another company to manufacture sell and or market this good or service for a fee and or royalty. These companies will often grant interested parties or businesses in foreign destination exclusive rights to produce and or supply their goods in that particular market. The exporter will receive royalties as well any associated fees. These royalties will usually be determined as a percentage of the licensee’s total revenues. Branch offices: A branch office can be defined as a place in which an exporting company will establish themselves within a foreign nation in order to offer their products more effectively to that foreign market. In most cases exporting firms will just employ current top managers within their organization and will send these managers over to this foreign destination to establish a new branch office. This branch office will act to provide this organization with a greater public image. It is believed that consumers will feel more confident about any particular company’s product or service. Strategic alliance: A strategic alliance is where a company in which two or more individuals or businesses will merge their resources together in order to tackle a specified, mutually beneficial project. Both parties will agree to participate equally in investing resources into this new venture thus forming the alliance. Out of all the International organizational structures to choose from, Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge in Cancun, Mexico will be a branch office. This business model is treated as an extension of its parent company which means that it should only conduct the activities performed by the main office in Orland Park, Illinois. Having a branch office provides several advantages to any foreign company including the ability to conduct business in Mexico, explore more business opportunities and directly interact with its local distributors and agents. While this business model has several advantages, foreign companies should realize that there are some arrangements and requirements that may not be beneficial on their part. For example, foreign companies do not enjoy limited liability which means that they are responsible for all the losses and debts of their branch office which is considered as their legal extension. Another disadvantage is that a branch office, being a non-resident business entity, is not eligible for local tax benefits and exemptions. Lastly, this business model is prohibited to engage in business activities that are not performed by its parent company. Chapter 5 Mission Statement: Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge is a business that envelopes fine dining of unique healthy taste and an excellent rooftop atmosphere. The mission is not only to have great tasting food, but have efficient and friendly service. Our dining environment is not only welcoming and sophisticated, it is unique in design, with glass ceilings and windows on almost all sides of the rooftop. After dining in, customers can enjoy the outdoor terrace and garden views. We concentrate on customer satisfaction and quality food that is always fresh and 100 percent organic. We want the Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge to be the place people can enjoy a tasty, healthy meal and meet new friends. It is our goal to provide a great work environment and treat employees with dignity and respect. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge wants to build lasting relationships with the guests, contribute positively to communities and our environment. Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge recognizes that profitability is key to our future success .

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Gender Inequalities Essay

Gender Inequality is the differences in the status, power and prestige women and men have in groups, collectivities and societies. Gender inequality usually affects women more than men due to the status in society. Many women are affected in the workforce due to gender inequalities, in many countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan women are held at a lower position to men. In countries such as those, women are thought of as property other than human beings. Why does gender inequality happen? The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. The most enforcing cause of gender inequality would be stereotypes. Typically women are thought of as housewives, to stay home, cook and clean, and take care of children. Men are suppose to be the breadwinners, they are suppose to work and support the family. In modern society the thought of the typical â€Å"housewife† has changed. Ever since the Rosie the Riveter revolution during World War II, more and more women are working in the workforce instead of staying at home. Even though during this time women were encouraged to take the place of their men and work in the workforce, a glass ceiling was still created keeping women unable to be promoted and gain higher positions. see more:gender equality essay for kids Interesting enough, almost 40% of women today make more than their husbands, and women today make up almost 60% of U.S. college students and earn the majority of doctorates and master’s degrees. So why does gender inequality still exists? Its a long interval of gender differences, including roles of biology, gender socialization, and findings from other cultures. Also the different forms of gender inequalities suchs as women in the workplace, inequalities at work, and the gender pay gap take a huge toll on gender inequalities. As the differences between girls and boys are explored, the differences between men and women are also explored. Many scientist say that nature vs. nurture has a huge involvement with the biological makeup differences of men and women. A quote from Intro to Sociology states that â€Å"Scholars disagree about the degree to which biological characteristics affect gender identities as â€Å"feminine† or â€Å"masculine† and the social roles b ased on those identities. The debates is really about how much social behavior is learned versus innate (or â€Å"inborn†)†. (Intro to Soc 295). I agree with this statement because the  biological characteristics do not makeup a gender identities. Only because a woman is not built like a man does not mean she is more weak. Only because men were not exposed to more cooking and cleaning as much as a woman or young girl is, does not mean that woman or man is incapable of doing it. When thinking of the differences concerning men and women its hard to compare the behavioral differences to an overall audience. Depending on the different cultures, women and men have different morals and behaviors. For example women in Iraq are held as property to their husband, also in some Muslim countries, some women are stoned to death for wrongdoings. These example show complete inequality differences between men and women. For examples, as humans we are trained to think that woman can not perform strenuous work, its up to men to perform difficult task. These stereotypes are the ones that create gender inequalities and make it unfair for women to gain equal rights. Most sociologist argue that a mans aggressiveness varies between cultures and that women are still are as aggressive but display their aggression in a more discreet manner such as using strategies and â€Å"bad mouthing† rather than physical fights. I agree with this statement, usually men are more confrontational because men always look to be the Alpha male. When women are in a confrontation, more women will be more sneaky and rather talk than just fight physically. When it comes to the different forms of gender inequality, there are many different forms and disadvantages mainly pertaining to women. The first most common is women in the workplace, women in the workplace have more disadvantages than men. Another disadvantage would be the gender gap and pay. Men tend to receive a way higher pay than women. Each of these are examples of gender inequality, in the workplace it can be found most typical due to the stereotypical judgements of women working. The gender gap payment has a great affect on gender inequalities, since men are paid more this creates a glass ceiling for women trying to advance in the career path. In a quote by the feminist majority foundation, â€Å"In the Wall Street Journal/Gallup survey, women managers were asked what they consider to be the most serious obstacle in their business careers. Only 3% cited â€Å"family responsibilities,† but half named reasons related to their gender, including: â€Å"male chauvinism, attitudes toward a female boss, slow  advancement for women, and the simple fact of being a woman.† (FF 1) This quote shows that the main thing holding back women in the working society is stereotypes. Many women stereotypes claim that its family issues holding back our women from reaching higher levels. Many assume that if a women is a single mother, divorced, or divorcing this may take an effect on her work ability. In society when it comes to gender and family, each gender is expected to have a certain type of role. When it comes to family there are many different types and levels. Usually in a family women are expected to take care of the children and men are expected to work and provide. In this modern day society women usually do both, work and take care of their family. Since the beginning of humankind women were suppose to bare the children and men were suppose to provide for the family. Since this though was considered since the begnning of mankind its hard to earse this thought. Still til this day, women mainly do the cooking while men provide. Since women are mainly thought of being in the kitchen, its hard for men to picture women in the workfield. Since the beginning o f time women have been thought of as the housekeepers. When World War II came around things changed and women had to step up to the plate. Ads such as Rosie the Riveter promoted women to get jobs and work outside the household. Before this time the life for a woman was boring and just an endless cycle of the same tasks. Many books were written explaining the average life of the housewife such as â€Å"captive wife† by Gavron in 1966. During the 1970s and 1980s a spring of debates and research formed on family from feminist viewing this topic. Before feminist began to look t the value of family, the researched typically focused on the kinship and family ties and how society affects them. Feminist began to focus on inside the family to examine a woman’s experience in the domestic atmosphere. Many feminist argued that there was an unequal power instilled in the families and that more family benefitted more than the other. There are three spectrums that feminist found important when examining the importance of family. One is the domestic of labor, which is the way tasks are allocated among household members. Feminist tend to disagree about the historical upcoming if this division. Some view it as a effect of the industrial capitalism. Another theme would be unequal power relationships, whi ch equals domestic violence. Many feminist argue that violent and abusive sides of families have been ignored  in both academic contexts and legal and policy circles. feminist feel that the family serves as a gender oppression. The last theme would be caring activities, this theme extends from looking after a person who is ill to looking after an elder. Not only do women complete household chores and child care they also have significant emotional labor in maintaining personal relationships (Duncome and Marsden 1993). Caring activities are grounded by in love, deep emotion, they also require an ability to listen, perceive, negotiate, and act creatively (Intro Soc 500). Women play a huge role when it comes to family and society. Women provide a nurturing environment for society because of their loving nature. Without a mothers nurturing nature, children wouldn’t have the ability to grow properly. A woman is the foundation to any family, without a woman a family wouldn’t be able to function properly. When it comes to a family women aren’t just housewives, they are the emotional base and protectors of the family. In conclusion I feel that men and women should have equal power, especially w hen it comes to the work force. Many women have to deal with stereotypical comments in the workforce and sexual harassment. Harassment is also a big difficulty for women to proceed in the workforce, a quote from a Huff Post article â€Å"The HuffPost poll found that one in five women said they’d been harassed by a boss, and one in four said they had been harassed by another co worker. And although women were more likely than men to say that they had been victims of one or both types of sexual harassment, men also reported being sexually harassed — 6 percent said they were harassed by a boss and 14 percent by a coworker.† (Huff Post 1) This proves that women not only have to deal with stereotypes but also have to deal with sexual harassment which is even more difficult. Women should just have an equal position in status compared to men because, women can do anything a man can do. In some cultures such as Muslim cultures, women have little to no rights and sometimes even die for committing the sm allest thing against their husbands. Women typically have it more difficult than men because women are seen as a piece of property rather than being their own person. Its concerns me how much we seem to belittle our women in society even though they are the foundation to any family and the rock to any man.

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Persuasive Essay

Texas legislators should pass and legalized gambling to help keeping the money inside the state and also earn more revenue through tourism and other associated industries. Compare to neighbor state Louisiana, Texas has lost millions and millions dollars per year because Texans crossing the state line for gambling habit. If gambling was legalized, the revenue from this industry would surpass any others. It would not just bring revenue and taxes from casinos but also boosting others industries such as tourism, retails, construction industry and more. Legalized gambling would create more jobs in all industries keeping the Texas stronger through unpredictable profits the state could benefit from it. Legalized gambling would stimulate the economy by creating jobs. Take Nevada for example, there were 193,000 full-time positions were opened in Clark County for hotel industry alone in 1999 (Romano). For Louisiana, a smaller state with legal gambling, also reported over 368 million in annual salaries to employees along with 20% residents ended their government assisted program by working in casino (Cannon). Looking at these two states with legal gambling, Texas could have an even better chance to make more revenue with legalizing gambling. With all the revenue generated from gamble industry, Texas could able to start more programs to help the low income families and lower the unemployment rate. Another indirect impact from legalized gambling is that more casinos, restaurants, shopping malls would be built which would boost construction industry to another level. With the growing in construction industry, the retails for dry wall, wood, cement would be rocketed. In Louisiana, â€Å"over 1. 7 billion has been invested in facility construction in Louisiana by casinos† (Cannon). Going along with the development of construction industry, the real estate industry would also grow rapidly to accommodate the needs of housing, leasing offices, hotels†¦ With the rapid grow of real estate and construction industries, restaurant and retails would be on the uprising as well. In Louisiana, â€Å"riverboats purchased over $454 million in goods and services in 2002, with over 70% of that coming from in-state vendors including computers, printing and floral arrangements† (Cannon), with all the positive indirect impacts that legalized gambling would bring to the state, the local business and retails would be expanding far from predicted and state would be collecting taxes in an increasing value. Tourism would play an important role in collecting revenue for state. The Casino Association of Louisiana estimated that over 17 million out-of-state visitors visited their casinos in 2002† (Cannon). If Texas legalizes gambling, it would bring in another 17 million per year from out-of-state visitors spending money not only in casino but also in restaurants, hotels, gas†¦ Besides bringing more tourists in to the state, Texas could help stopping the outflow of money to Louisiana casinos because more than 50% of gamble revenue in Louisiana comes from o ut-of-state, mostly from Texas (Cannon). There are countless opportunities comes with legalizing gambling in Texas. Just look at the financial benefits alone, Texas could earn another $873 million coming from out-of-state visitors spending in casino just like Louisiana. Besides increasing in revenue, legalized gambling also plays an important role in boosting other industries such as construction, retails, real estate†¦ With all the new revenue generated from legalized gamble, Texas could use that money to assist the low income families, to help the homeless people and others in needs.

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BIPOLAR DISORDER OUTLINE Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

BIPOLAR DISORDER OUTLINE - Article Example Cause of bipolar disorder is not known but genetic and environmental conditions may give rise to the disorder and its course. Environmental factors may include substance abuse, medical conditions (e.g. thyroid fluctuation), stressful lie events, and life styles that are consistent with general sleep-wake cycles. PET imaging helps identify differences in brain activities of the people with the disorder. This and other biological researches have rendered better understanding of the causes of the disorder such as dysregulation (not like an epileptic seizure) of the brain cells responsible for regulation of emotions, circadian rhythms and behaviors resulting in the symptoms of the disorder (Goodwin & Jamison, 2007). Bipolar disorder now ranks one of the top ten disabling disorders in the world among working adults with significant socio economic impact (WHO, 2002), (Young, Rigney, Shaw, Emmas, & Thompson, 2011). Bipolar experience of the illness can vary among patients substantially. Suc h as, some patients with depression followed by hypomania while others, mania followed by depression. Still others with alternating episodes with no intervals of mood stability (euthymia). Choice of treatments therefore is based on individualistic patterns of the disorder (Suppes & Dennehy, 2012). Guidelines of the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) for the biological treatment of bipolar disorders mainly deal with the acute treatment of mania and bipolar depression. It is vital that acute and long-term treatment should be simultaneous for treatment planning and evaluation. For simplicity, both are dealt with separately. It is important to bring the acute manifestations under control as quick as possible but it is more important to have maintenance treatment which should prevent new episodes and complications and disabling conditions (Grunz, et al., 2013). See figure below: Grunz et al (2013)’s overall recommendations for long term treatment have a ssigned Rating Grade (RG) 1 to drugs Aripiprazole, Lamotrigine, Lithium, and Quetiapine which are listed alphabetically. Aripiprazole has been graded A for Prevention of Treatment Emergent Episodes (TEE) in enriched samples (PES) for â€Å"mania† and â€Å"any episode†. Lamotrigine, has been rated A in PES for â€Å"depression† and â€Å"any episode†. Lithium, A in PNES (Prevention of TEE in non-enriched samples) for â€Å"mania† and â€Å"any episode† and B in PES for â€Å"any episode†, â€Å"mania† and â€Å"depression†. Quetiapine, graded A in PES for â€Å"mania†, â€Å"depression† and â€Å"any episode†. The authors’ overall rating goes in favor of Lithium as still the best as it has two grading of A and B for episodes mentioned against each (Grunz, et al., 2013, p. 170). These drugs’ treatments are discussed in detail below. ARIPIPRAZOLE: PES: Monothreapy and combination with Lit hium have proved to be efficacious in the prevention of new manic and mixed episodes in acute mania. PNES: As there is no long-term impact study in non-enriched samples, it has been graded F in respect of CE (Category of evidence). Further evidence (FE) of the efficacy of Aripiprazole has been proved in the metaanalysis by Vieta et al (2011) in the prevention of new manic episodes. Safety and tolerability (ST): Most common adverse event (AE) prompting treatment

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Visiting the BASILICA DI SANT(church+cript+musuem) Essay

Visiting the BASILICA DI SANT(church+cript+musuem) - Essay Example In 12th century the basilica was rebuilt and received its modern look ( «SantAmbrogio, Milan »). The style of the basilica is Romanesque. The basilica is built of bricks and ashlar stones decorated with carving. There are also parts of stone and plastering used in the construction. The composition of the building is symmetrical; all parts of basilica mirror each other. There is an atrium typical for Romanesque buildings; it is surrounded by aisles with pillars. Capitals are decorated with animals, fantastic motifs, human figures and natural ornaments. There are also two bell towers called Monks Tower and Canons Tower; they symbolize two different orders which lived in the basilica. Monks lived in two southern buildings while canons lived in the north. The exterior of basilica is very orderly; rectangular forms dominate the space and support the idea of symmetrical beauty of ancient Roman architecture. The building looks monumental because of its abundant architectural solutions. The interior of the basilica is predetermined by its main purpose. Religious motifs are observed everywhere; mosaics and frescos on the walls and ceiling present religious motifs and portray the lives of Christian Saints. Stylish groined vaults of the ceiling, semi-circular apse and small chapels of the same shape create specific atmosphere in the place. Pillars, clestory windows and semi-columns serve to support the building and add decorum to the place (Schneider). The interior of the basilica is very impressive and unique. Even though it has all typical features of Romanesque art, it is a bit eclectic due to the fact that different parts of the basilica were added, reconstructed or created in different periods of time. The materials used for mosaics and internal decorations are natural; for instance, there are 4 columns made of porphyry and decorated with bar-reliefs depicting religious scenes (Schneider). Golden altar, beautiful sarcophagus, reliefs and other

N Health Care or Oil and Gas that has greater relevance to the Houston Research Paper

N Health Care or Oil and Gas that has greater relevance to the Houston economy - Research Paper Example The Department of Health and Human Services in Houston is charged with the duty of working with health care providers plus the community with the intention of promoting good health and improving health services offered to citizens (Nathan, 2009). There are a number of duties that the health department is charged with. Examples of the roles include implementation of programs intended to reduce the prevalence and effect of varied communicable diseases like Swine flu and HIV, keeping track of the environmental conditions like air quality and overseeing animal control and inspecting food establishments and local restaurants to make sure that no health threats are introduced to the lives of the dinners. To operate a food service establishment, a permit would be required of the food dealers. A permit would be given to a food establishment only after it meets every requirement that has been set by Houston food ordinance. There are educational services offered to help managers or workers create and maintain safer food service operations. The services also help the workers comply with Houston food ordinance-set requirements. Education pertaining to food safety is provided using a number of ways. One way in of carrying out the exercise is the condition requiring that every manager attends classes then passes a written test centered on food safety prior to certification as a food service manager. The remaining section of the paper focuses on a detailed analysis and recommendations of appropriate mitigation techniques applicable on the risks that a project manager overseeing the execution of the E- Learning software project has to contend with Apart from roles like project planning and communication, project managers are also charged with the duty of risk management. Risks management in software projects entails identification, quantification and management of risks (Wysocki, 2013). Every project features some amount of risk. For instance, a project meant

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How to Prepare Yourself for your Future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How to Prepare Yourself for your Future - Essay Example There is also huge scope for career advancement in this profession that would give me financial security. Baccalaureate Nursing Graduates are eligible for license to work as registered nurse and avail employment opportunities in various capacities within the healthcare industry. I therefore plan to become RN with associate degree from Bishop State Community College. My long term goal is to work at Springhill Hospital as RN. One of my friends is already enrolled in Bishop State Community College. Thus, it became a natural choice for me also. It is a world renowned University that offers excellent degree program in Baccalaureate Nursing. I have no doubt this is the area where I would be able to realize my dreams. The college has envious reputation in providing wide scope of personal development by facilitating cross cultural interaction and community development. They symbolize the high standard of legal, ethical and moral consideration within the broader paradigms of nursing. The cour se curricula also equip the students with leadership qualities. It helps to inspire confidence and promotes better understanding in patient nurse relationship. These are critical issues within the nursing profession

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Managing the New Enterprise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Managing the New Enterprise - Essay Example Raising equity finance in relation to Peter and Julie’s ideas such as from venture capitalists and business angels is advantageous to entrepreneurs. First, business angels can enable the new enterprise to achieve great success; thus, investors will realize their investments lest the business venture is doing well. Burns (2007, p. 123) argues that business angels can enable the entrepreneur to improve their business activities. Secondly, venture capital plays a significant role in driving business growth and employment activities. This is crucial because it deliverers valuable skills helps in strategy and decision making; thus enabling the company to increase their performance levels. It also allows the development of new technologies in the business and their applications; thus contributing to high productivity levels. Venture capital is not for every entrepreneur even though how profitable it would be. This is because it is not a business solving needs of an entrepreneur, but rather helping the entrepreneur to achieve high profitability or revenue levels. Moreover, venture capital and business angels are among the most compelling forces driving business economy-wide advancement to increased business productivity. The business may focus on advancing fundamental business performance means; thus, the two equity finances would be the potent forces for contributing to increased business performance. Raising venture capital and the business angle is crucial because it will enable new ventures to develop and reach their business goals successfully(Fraser and Simkins 2010, p.22). Every entrepreneur expects to create a winning business; thus getting enough capital for the business is crucial. Berman, Knight, Case and Berman (2008, p. 46) argue that it is only a few entrepreneurs who become successful in raising equity finance for managing their business. It is also only a few entrepreneurs who are able to generate equity finance and few of them can meet the ange l or venture capital fund requirements.  

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Children in the children center observation Research Paper

Children in the children center observation - Research Paper Example She looks back and looks around at everyone present in the church. She looks at the ceiling and says â€Å"Its gotten higher.† 4:55- She jumps down from the bench and stands put her left palm on the side of the bench and looks back. She walks out of the pew and stands for sometime holding the side handles of the pew and looks at the gate of the church from where she had entered. 5:05- She looks at the hymn book placed on the bench and picks it up. G opens the book and says â€Å"what are all these?† She closes the hymn book and with her right forefinger tries to read â€Å"HYMN BOOK†. She says â€Å"H- Y-M –N-B-O-O-K† â€Å"What is it mommy?† G asks. 5:06- G puts it down and starts to look at the ceiling. â€Å"Mommy is Jesus here now?† â€Å"Where is he sitting?† She tries to look for â€Å"Jesus† in the church. She starts nodding her head when the choir sings. She stands up and nods her head to the left and right. 5:07- G bends down and gets out of the bench. G smiles â€Å"Look I am here now†Ã¢â‚¬  I am coming†. She walks to the mid of the church and stops at a painting hung on the walls. She looks at it minutely with both her hands on her hips. 5:12- G stands up again and walks towards the end of the church and stands near the statue of Mother Mary. She touches it and folds her hands and prays. She touches it again with her right palm and kisses her palm. 5:19- She finished collection of the 6th row and takes back the bag with her right hand. She puts her left hand underneath the bag and says †Its heavy† and walks towards the end of the hall. She smiles at the nun and hands over the bag. G is a 6 year old. She is wearing a mauve colour frock and pretty mauve shoes. G seems to know what happens in the church which shows that she must have come to church on several occasions. G seems enthusiastic since she wanted to sit in the first bench. G’s behaviour shows that she copies

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Love and Hate Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Love and Hate - Research Paper Example In the end a conclusion is given about the essay. Thesis Statement: In this essay, a relationship between ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ is emphasized. A descriptive commentary is given in the favor of the existence of relationship between Love and Hate. Stories of ‘The Storm’ by Kate Chopin, ‘Eveline’ by James Joyce, ‘Araby’ by James Joyce and ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ by Edgar Allan Poe are also discussed as references to prove the existence of relationship between Love and Hate. There are numerous beliefs about ‘Love and hate’. People consider these two emotional jargons according to the manifestations of their own minds. So, in this stance it can be said that the individual meanings of Love and Hate may differ from person to person. Likewise, the relationship between these two extreme emotions may vary according to the circumstances. It has been perceived that there is a relationship between ‘Love and Hate’, although they seem contrary to each other. It has been noticed that almost all the Love stories have vast number of harmonies and they quite look alike. To prove this, there are many things which are needed to be taken into consideration. Many writers and poets have written loads of chunks about ‘Love and Hate’. Spot light must be put on extracts of those writers and poets. Literal meanings of ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ in solitude must be deemed. ... t can be seen that in real life as well ‘Love’ reaches to the verge of extreme intensity and the lovers, normally called as love birds do not seem to consider this intensity. The real life experiences may also prove the literal meaning of ‘Love’. Now, if we see the literal meaning of ‘Hate’, then it means that ‘an intense and strong aversion or hostility, which is normally derived from anger, sense of injury or fear’ (Webster). Similarly as ‘Love’ can be evidenced from the different examples of practical life, ‘Hate’ can also be proven to be giving the same meaning in the real life, as the literature explains. A person hates some other person if he or she is having some sense of injury or fear from other person. This can also be called as an emotional distress because this fear/sense of injury causes the ‘Love’ to evaporate in the air. Apparently it seems that ‘Love’ and ‘Hat e’ do not have any relationship with each other. However, a deep thought is needed to be given in order to break the shell and think other way round. A vague idea about ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ is unlikely to become a source of conviction to prove that ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ are integral to each other. There are many common things between ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’. The most common thing is that both are intense and extreme feelings which cause a robust emotional bond and cause a strong emotional arousal. Both are related to intangible feelings of emotions. When we look at the relationship between the ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’, in the perspective /context of science, then scientists also come up with an idea that ‘Hate’ and ‘Love’ have a thin line in the brain. (Reporter). According to the biologists passion of hate is equal interest to the feelings of

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Policy and Policy Failure and their affects on Mono Lake Essay Example for Free

Policy and Policy Failure and their affects on Mono Lake Essay Introduction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The Mono lake case was decided in 1983. In its opinion, the California Supreme Court held for the first time that even established appropriative water rights remained subject to a duty of continuing supervision on the part of the state in order to protect the public trust in the state’s waters (Hundley 2001 360). In the Mono Lake case itself, the court determined that the city of Los Angeles could be enjoined from diverting the streams that fed Mono Lake where the long-term impact was to diminish the value of the lake as natural habitat (MacDonnell and Bates 1993 24). The message of the case was that environmental demands could now be made on existing uses of water rights, and that those uses might have to be adjusted in order to maintain or restore natural ecosystem values (Ford 1999 113). Discussion   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The Mono Lake case is the single most important judicial decision to date calling for an accommodation between the use of natural resources for traditional commodity purposes, and their use for the maintenance of natural values (Ford 1999 112). Traditionally, either resources were committed to developmental uses, or they were set aside in a park, a refuge, or a designated wilderness (Penna 1999 89). Even mandates such as â€Å"multiple use,† under which national forests are governed, at most result in the allocation of different forest areas to different purposes, a sort of parceling cut. There has been very little accommodation of economic uses to ecosystem values (MacDonnell and Bates 1993 27). For example, fish ladders were installed at dam sites, and certain rough releases have been made from dams to protect fish runs. However, such efforts, though valuable, have been secondary and sporadic. For the most part, either land was turned over to commodity use, or it was segregated and kept purely as a natural area (Hackett 2001 212). Little effort has been expended to understand in depth how scarce resources could be put to economic use without destroying the viability of the natural systems of which they are a part. From a policy point of view, Mono Lake is a story of how a handful of people began a campaign to save a dying lake, taking on not only the City of Los Angeles, but also entire state government (Craig and Jewel 2002 54). The city began diverting water from the Mono Beam in 1941. Stream flows toward the lake were diverted into a tunnel running beneath die Mono Craters to reach the northern Owen River (Ford 1999 110). The journey to Los Angeles is nearly four hundred miles, and the water by gravity and siphons the entire way, producing hydroelectric energy en route. The impact of the diversions is evident wherein the lakes surface was measured at 6,417 feet above sea level in 1941. The lake held around 4.3 million acre-feet of water, and its surface area spread across 55 thousand acres. The lake stood at 6,372 feet, 45 feet below its position when diversions began (Lyle 1999 64; MacDonnell and Bates 1993 26). As the take shrinks, salinity climbs, and higher salinity can reduce algae production and tower the survivability of brine flies and brine shrimp. When these herbivores decline in number, the nesting birds may not find adequate food to raise their chicks (Hackett 2001 213). The migrating birds neither may nor be able to add sufficient weight for the next leg of their migration. Environmental science students studied the Lake during the 1970s. They were alarmed at what they found and fearful for the future of the lake. They feared that higher salinity could lead to serious declines in brine shrimp population and a subsequent loss of suitable habitat for the bird populations (Lyle 1999 65). In 1978, one group of students formed the Mono Lake Committee, a grassroots education and advocacy group. Mono Lake also drew the attention of the National Audubon Society, which filed suit against the City of Los Angeles in 1979. The California Supreme Court responded in 1983. It held that the public trust mandated reconsideration of the city’s water rights in the Mono Basin (Hackett 2001 212). The court noted that Mono Lake is a scenic and ecological treasure of national significance and that the lakes value was diminished by a receding water level (Merchant 1998 276; National Research 1992 37). The court issued an injunction later in the 1980s limiting the city’s diversions while the Sate Water Resources Control Board reviewed the city water rights (MacDonnell and Bates 1993 24).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The controversy about the destruction of the Mono Lake Basin in southern California during the 1980s represented another major change in California water policy. As it held a significant rookery for wild birds, the depletion of the lake and the disruption of the wildlife habitat in the Basin represented a potential environmental disaster (Merchant 1998 277). Moreover, depletion of the lake left behind an alkaline residue, which became airborne in the dry desert climate, adding significantly to the region’s air pollution (Bates 1993 65). Led by the National Audubon Society, a number of environmental groups sued the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power because its water rights based on prior appropriation violated the legal doctrine of public trust, which guaranteed the preservation of wildlife habitat. In addition, California Trout, an organization that promotes trout fishing in the state, argued that Department of Power and Water dams restricted stream flow in violation of the state’s Fish and Game Code (Ford 1999 110).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The Control Board considered a variety of alternatives for the future (Lyle 1999 64). One extreme was the â€Å"no restriction† alternative, in which the city would be free to divert water as in the past. With no restrictions, the Control Board expected the lake to decline for another fifty to one hundred years and reach a dynamic equilibrium at around 6,355 feet (Hackett 2001 213). The opposite extreme was the â€Å"no diversion† alternative (Penna 1999 90). If all of Mono Basin’s streams were allowed to Row uninterrupted to the lake, the Control Board expected the lake to climb over a period of one hundred years, eventually reaching dynamic equilibrium at around 6,425 feet (Craig and Jewel 2002 54).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The Mono Lake decision charted new legal territory by calling on the public trust doctrine to require accommodation between commodity and natural demands. While the historical public trust doctrine was only applied to navigable or tidal waters, the doctrine itself has been expanding its scope in response to contemporary problems, and its underlying precept of public entitlement to the benefit of natural systems shows signs of influencing every corner of resources law (Hundley 2001 358; Merchant 1998 276). An expanded public trust reflects recognition that the era of unlimited denaturing of lands and waters simply to produce commodities is coming to an end, just as the era of uncontrolled industrial pollution has ended (Bates 1993 64).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   By 1989, the California Supreme Court had accepted the National Audubon Society’s idea that the theory of pnor appropriation was restricted by the protection of public trust values, which included the protection of wildlife habitat (Hundley 2001 358; National Research 1992 36). As a result, stream flow from Mono Lake has been curtailed by 60,000 acre-feet each year, thereby protecting the level of the lake, which sustains the habitat of the wild birds (Bates 1993 64). In addition, the state legislature appropriated $65 million to protect the lake and limit water exports. The passage of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and the court’s acceptance of the public trust doctrine â€Å"permits challenges to all water projects which are operated in a way that seriously impacts fish, wildlife, recreation, and other public values related to navigable water† (Lyle 1999 65). The practice of constructing dams to conserve water and thereby avoiding the â€Å"waste to the sea† was no longer generally accepted by professionals and the public (Merchant 1998 276). Now California courts and those that followed California’s lead were accepting arguments stating that the unimpeded flow of rivers was a public good, not secondary to arguments for â€Å"reasonable beneficial use,† which in the past had meant water development projects (Bates 1993 65). New darn projects in the West were no longer a foregone conclusion. Many proposals were defeated, and an effort to take some existing dams out of service has commenced (Hundley 2001 359; Penna 1999 101). Conclusion   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The controversy on Mono Lake has been one of the primary issues that implicated a wake up call for the citizens of Los Angeles and later on the national perspective. The destruction of lake has been dented to cause disruption in the normal flora and fauna and biological cycle in the area. Hence, Mono lake movement and later environmental protest that aimed to resolve the environmental degradation of lake occurred. The Supreme Court headed the environmental issue and concluded legal interventions in order to resolve the issues of Mono Lake. References Arnold, Craig A., and Leigh A. Jewel. Beyond Litigation: Case Studies in Water Rights Disputes. Environmental Law Institute, 2002. Bates, Sarah F. Searching Out the Headwaters: Change and Rediscovery in Western Water Policy. Island Press, 1993. Ford, Andrew. Modeling the Environment: An Introduction to System Dynamics Models of Environment. Island Press, 1999. Hackett, Steven C. Environmental and Natural Resources Economics: Theory, Policy, and the Sustainable Society. M.E. Sharpe, 2001. Hundley, Norris. The Great Thirst: Californians and Water A History. University of California Press, 2001. Lyle, John. Design for Human Ecosystems: Landscape, Land Use, and Natural Environment. Island Press, 1999. MacDonnell, Lawrence J., and Sarah F. Bates. Natural Resources Policy and Law: Trends and Directions. Island Press, 1993. Merchant, Carolyn. Green Versus Gold: Sources In Californias Environmental History. Island Press, 1998. National Research, . Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems: Science, Technology, and Public. National Academies Press, 1992. Penna, Anthony N. Natures Bounty: Historical and Modern Environmental Perspectives. M.E. Sharpe, 1999.

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Practical Pricing Essay Example for Free

Practical Pricing Essay Through a thorough analysis of activity-based costing, it is obvious that there is more information to account for than first expected. It is essential that management be able to understand the concept of ABC beyond the surface in order to grasp the manner in which it behaves. Besides the fact that it is a concept which involves the measurement of manufacturing costs and non-manufacturing costs, ABC has a considerable amount of information to be understood. The manner in which the system is implemented in various companies is essential for management which is contemplating whether or not to use such a system. As well, it is necessary that myths and misconceptions about the subject be clearly understood in order to prevent any ill-fortune to a company. As well, it is evident that ABC has emerged as an important concept in the field of Cost accounting. With many issues at the forefront of Cost accounting, perhaps one of the frontrunners would be the issue of globalization. These current issues provide an interpretation that activity-based costing has emerged as an important aspect of Cost accounting in the sense that it is instrumental for managers when making crucial decisions The accounting cost methods described here dont end when optimal pricing has been achieved and variability brought under control. These are only the first two milestones in a continuing process of pricing for maximum profitability. Next, companies must identify products that are no longer profitable and monitor customer churn for signs that prices are higher than the value provided in return. Any products value proposition changes as the market evolves. The number of competitors might swell or shrink; new products or versions of products could be launched; competitors might start or stop giving rebates. Thus, every time market information is collected, it is vital to measure the customer and sales churn of every product even if prices havent changed recently. It may be necessary to change prices as a result. Since net or final are always moving, a products total cost and its impact on profits should also be monitored. Products that dont meet managements minimum profit requirements may have to be discontinued. Of course, a product it itself is losing money may be worth keeping for strategic reasons, such as rounding out a comprehensive product line or serving as a mechanism for appealing to big customers. The analytical rigor and unbiased nature of this approach make considerable organizational demands on the companies that use it. A change in pricing is a major enterprise for any organization; it cant be achieved overnight. Companies accustomed to anecdotal approaches may resist. For these reasons, it might be wise to form a specific group to make pricing recommendations and monitor the impact of price changes. With the support of the sales organization and senior management, the group could put forward pricing suggestions even in the face of opposition. By closely monitoring the impact of price changes, the group would be alert to the need for midstream adjustments. To the extent that the organization must evolve over time from a sales-and-technology orientation to a focus on pricing and the bottom line, the pricing group could be the agent of that transformation. Of course, the leader of the group shouldnt report to anyone directly affected by its recommendations, even if that person for example, the vice president of marketing or finance would otherwise be a logical choice. Moreover, a clear succession plan should be developed to get high-caliber people, especially from sales, to work in a somewhat isolated pricing group. They ought to understand that there will be no negative political repercussions if they want to return to sales or move up the corporate ladder, for by necessity if they want to return to sales or move up the corporate ladder, for by necessity such a group will often irritate the senior people in a company. Finally, pricing can be a key lever of profitability. Bibliography 1. Anderson, R. J. , Hughes, S. A.  and Sharrock, W. W. (19xx) Practical Pricing, in Working for Profit: The Social Organisation of Calculation in an Entrepreneurial Firm (Aldershot: Gower), chapter 8, pp. 139-157 2. Brimson, James A. Activity Accounting. New York: John Wiley Sons, Inc. , 1991. 3. Carrol, Raymond F. Chesley, G. R. Garrison, Ray. Noreen, Eric. Managerial Accounting: Concepts for Planning, Control, Decision Making. Toronto: McGraw-Hill-Ryerson Ltd. , 2001. 4. Foster, George. Horngren, Charles T. Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis. New Jersey: Prentice Hall Inc. , 1991.

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Critically review recent public health policy developments

Critically review recent public health policy developments This assignment will critically review recent public health policy developments in the field of Cancer in England also it will evaluate its effectiveness and implications for public health and health promotion practice. This assignment will first briefly review the recent public health policies of England starting from Health of the Nation white paper (1992), Saving lives white paper (1999), Cancer Plan (2000) Choosing health white paper (2004) and the most recent public health policy for Cancer Cancer Reform Strategy (2007). After reviewing the recent public health policy developments for cancer in England, evaluation and implications of these policies will be discussed. From 1992 to 1997, the Health of the Nation (HOTN) strategy was the central plank of health policy in England and formed the context for the planning of services provided by the National Health Services (NHS). The HOTN policy focused on five key areas: coronary heart disease and stroke; cancer; mental illness; HIV/AIDS and sexual health; and accidents. Each area had a statement of main objectives attached to it, together with twenty seven targets across the areas. Cancer targets of the HOTN policy were to, reduce death rate for breast cancer in women invited for screening by more than 25% by 2000, reduce incidence of invasive cervical cancer by 20% by 2000, reduce death rate for lung cancer in those aged less than 75 by 30% (men) and 15% (women) by 2010, halt year on year increase in incidence of skin cancer by 2005 (Department of Health 1992). Health of the Nation white papers importance lay in the fact that it represented the first explicit attempt by government to provide a strategic approach to improve the overall health of the population. But according to the review of the HOTNs policy commissioned by Department of Health 2000, HOTNs policy failed over its five year lifespan to recognize its full potential and was handicapped from the outset by numerous flaws of both a conceptual and process type nature. Its impact on policy documents peaked as early as 1993; and, by 1997, its impact on local health policy making was negligible. The HOTNs policy was regarded as a Department of Health initiative which lacked cross-departmental commitment and ownership. At local level, it was seen as principally a health service document and lacked local government ownership. (The Health of the Nation a policy assessed 2000). The White Paper Saving Lives Our Healthier Nation was published on 6 July 1999 together with Reducing Health Inequalities: an Action Report. These two documents set out the Governments strategy for health for the next 10 years. They brought a new and important focus to the promotion of health and the prevention of ill-health. The health strategy set out in the White Paper was centred on four priority areas (cancer, coronary heart disease and stroke, accidents and mental health). Action to tackle these important areas of ill-health was set in the context of both a Government-wide agenda to address the underlying causes (through, for example, measures to combat poverty, to improve education and work opportunities, and to improve the environment including the quality of the housing stock); also through the wider public health agenda, specifically action to tackle smoking (DH 2000) The NHS Cancer Plan (2000) was the first comprehensive National cancer programme for England. It had four aims: to save more lives, to ensure people with cancer get the right professional support and care as well as the best treatments, to tackle the inequalities in health that mean unskilled workers are, twice as likely to die from cancer as professionals, to build for the future through investment in the cancer workforce, through strong research and through preparation for the genetics, revolution, so that the NHS never falls behind in cancer care again (NHS Cancer Plan 2000) . According to Department of Health (2000), for the first time this plan provided a comprehensive strategy for bringing together prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and care for cancer and the investment needed to deliver these services in terms of improved staffing, equipment, drugs, treatments and information systems. At the heart of the Plan there were three new commitments. 1) In addition to the ex isting (Smoking Kills white paper 1998) target of reducing smoking in adults from 28% to 24% by 2010, new national and local targets to address the gap between socio-economic groups in smoking rates and the resulting risks of cancer and heart disease. 2) New goals and targets was set to reduce waiting times for diagnosis and treatment of cancer so that no one should wait longer than one month from an urgent referral for suspected cancer to the beginning of treatment except for a good clinical reason or through patient choice. 3) An extra  £50 million NHS investment a year by 2004 in hospices and specialist palliative care, to improve access to these services across the country. For the first time ever, NHS investment in specialist palliative care services will match that of the voluntary sector (Cancer Plan DH 2000). There were enormous achievements since the NHS Cancer Plan 2000, like action on tobacco and the smoking ban had led to a fall in smoking rates (from 28% of the population in 1998 to 24% in 2005), amounting to 1.6 million fewer smokers. More cancers were detected through screening by National Cancer Screening Programmes for breast, bowel and cervical cancers. New screening programmes were introduced as and when they were proven to be both clinically and cost effective. Waiting times for cancer care have reduced dramatically. There had been a major increase in the use of drugs approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), to treat cancer with less variation between cancer networks. Since April 1 2009, patients undergoing treatment for cancer, including the effects of past cancer treatment, have been able to apply for a medical exemption certificate. It is expected that the new scheme will benefit up to 150,000 people already diagnosed with cancer, who might pay  £100 or more each year in prescription charges (NHS Cancer Plan DH, 2010) Although there are tremendous improvements of NHS Cancer Plan according to Department of health but according to the The Lancet Oncology editorial 2009 the NHS cancer plan for England was set up, at least in part, in reaction to data from the EUROCARE project, which showed that England cancer survival rates was lagging behind the rest of the Europe. The stated aim of the plan was: By 2010, Englands five year survival rates for cancer will compare with the best in Europe. Despite all the caveats that must be borne in mind when extrapolating from available data, and when comparing across European countries, the evidence available suggests that England is at best keeping track with improvements elsewhere, rather than closing the gap, and that the 2010 cancer target looks optimistic. Solutions to the problems of cancer are not easy, but perhaps the time has come to consider rather more fundamental changes to the NHS than are offered in the cancer plan if England is to truly offer world c lass healthcare (The Lancet Oncology 2009). According to Bosanquet et al (2008) huge amounts of money have been thrown at cancer in NHS cancer plan. The exact sum is opaque but the investment in cancer care has more than tripled over the past decade and now have approached European levels but improvements in cancer survival rates is not comparable with other European countries (Bosanquet et al, 2008). The Choosing Health White Paper was published in November 2004.   Choosing Health identified six key priority areas: tackling health inequalities, reducing the numbers of people who smoke, tackling obesity, improving sexual health, improving mental health and well-being, reducing harm and encouraging sensible drinking (Choosing Health, Department of Health 2004). Choosing health policy was particularly successful in banning the smoking in public places (Department of Health 2010). Before reviewing the most recent public health policy development for Cancer in England it is important to look at the current and past statistics of Cancer in the England. Also according to the Parkin (2006) accurate statistics on cancer occurrence and outcome are essential both for the purposes of research (into causes, prevention and treatment of cancer) and for the planning and evaluation of programmes for cancer control. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 2010 UK the four most common cancers, breast, lung, colorectal and prostate accounted for more than half of the 245,300 new cases of malignant cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) registered in England in 2007. Of the total number of new cases in 2007 in England, 123,100 were in males and 122,200 in females, breast cancer accounted for 31 per cent of all cases of cancers in England among women and prostate cancer accounted for 25 per cent of all cases of cancers in England among men. Cancer is predomin antly a disease of older people as only 0.5 per cent of cases registered in 2007 in England were in children (age under 15) and 25 per cent were in people aged under 60. Between 1971 and 2007, the age-standardised incidence of cancer increased by around 21 per cent in males and 45 per cent in females in England. In each year in England over one in four people die from cancer. In England cancer accounts for 30 per cent of all deaths in males and 25 per cent of all deaths in females (ONS UK, 2010). Survival rates of cancer patients in England varies by type of cancer and, for each cancer, by a number of factors including sex, age and socio-economic status. Five-year relative survival is very low (in the range 3-16 per cent) for cancers of the pancreas, lung, oesophagus, stomach and brain for patients diagnosed in England in 2001-06, compared with ovarian cancer (39 per cent), cancers of the bladder, colon and cervix (47-64 per cent), and cancers of the prostate and breast (77-82 per c ent). In England for the majority of cancers, a higher proportion of women than men usually survives for at least five years after diagnosis. Among adults, the younger the age at diagnosis, the higher the survival for almost every cancer. In England five year survival rates for patients diagnosed between 2001-06 have improved slightly or stayed stable for 16 of the 21 most common cancers compared to the period 2000-04 (Cancer Research UK, ONS UK 2010). The most recent public health policy for cancer in England is the Cancer Reform Strategy (DH 2010). The Cancer Reform Strategy published in December 2007, builds on progress made since publication of the NHS Cancer Plan in 2000 and sets out a clear direction for cancer services. According to the document of Cancer Reform Strategy published by Department of Health (2007), it shows how by 2012 cancer services in England can be among the best in the world. It also launched three new initiatives: 1) The National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative, aimed to raise awareness of cancer symptoms among the public and health professionals and encourage those who may have symptoms to seek early attention. Almost  £5 million was allocated to the NHS to support cancer networks and primary care trusts in improving awareness of cancers and promoting early diagnosis. 2) The National Cancer Survivorship Initiative is working to improve support for the 1.63 million people currently living with and beyond cancer in England. 3) The National Equality Initiative is working to reduce inequalities in cancer care. According to the Department of health (2010) the aims of the Cancer Reform Strategy is to build on progress already made and meet remaining challenges, the government has developed this strategy to set out the next steps for delivering cancer services in England, by saving more lives through prevention of cancer whenever possible and through earlier detection and better treatment, by improving patients quality of life by ensuring services patient centred and well-coordinated and by offering choice where appropriate, increase public awareness of cancer, reduce inequalities in access to services and in service quality thereby reducing inequalities in cancer outcomes, build for the future, through education, research and workforce development, and enable cancer care to be delivered in the best place, at the right time. Prevention of cancer by screening is a most important aspect to tackle cancer. NHS Screening programmes are part of the Cancer reform strategy 2007. According to NHS Screening Programme (2010), over half of all cancers in the past could be prevented if people adopted healthy lifestyles such as: by stopping smoking, avoiding obesity, eating a healthy diet, undertaking a moderate level of physical activity, avoiding too much alcohol, and excessive exposure to sunlight. According to the NHS Cervical Screening Programme (2010), it saves up to 4,500 lives in England every year. Within the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in England, women aged 25 to 49 are invited for free cervical screening every three years, and women aged 50 to 64 are invited every five years. Women over the age of 65 are invited if their previous three tests were not clear or if they have never been screened. According to the NHS Breast Screening Programme (2010), its breast screening awareness programme regarded as one of the best screening programmes in the world, saving an estimated 1,400 lives each year. 96.4 per cent of women who have had invasive breast cancer detected by screening are alive five years later. Under the NHS Breast Screening Programme, breast screening is provided every three years for all women in England aged 50 and over. Currently, women aged between 50 to 69 years are invited routinely and women over the age of 70 can request free three-yearly screening.  The eligible age range for routine breast screening will be extended further to provide nine screening rounds between 47 and 73 years. According to the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (2010), it is one of the first National bowel screening programmes in the world and the first cancer screening programme in England to include men as well as women. All men and women aged 60 to 69 are expected to be included by December 2010, meaning around 2 million men and women will be screened and an estimated 3,000 cancers detected every year. The programme will be extended from 2010 to include men and women aged 70-75 years. According to the Lancet Oncology editorial (2009), although the Governments Cancer Plan and Cancer Reform Strategy has had some impact on how long sufferers survive after diagnosis, it is still struggling to close the gap between England and other European countries. A study by Bernard Rachet et al, (2007) published in the Lancet Oncology journal also suggested that some of the improvements in cancer in England merely reflect ongoing trends in cancer cure rather than real change. There are also large variations in cancer cure and survival rates across the country, with patients in the North West of England still more likely to die earlier from the same cancer as those in the South of England. An editorial in the journal also warns that the time has come to consider more fundamental change in the NHS than the Cancer Plan and Cancer Reform Strategy offers. The study by Bernard Rachet et al, (2007) in The Lancet Oncology journal looked at survival rates for 21 common cancers, comparing the rates in England and Wales, ( in Wales a similar scheme like Cancer Plan was introduced only in 2006) most cancers showed a rise in survival rates in England compared to Wales after 2001, but there was a fall in the survival rates in England compared to Wales for bladder cancer, Hodgkins lymphoma and leukaemia (blood cancer). According to the Professor Karol Sikora, medical director of Cancer Partners UK, (Lancet Oncology 2009) that there is no striking improvement in the cancer cure rates and survival rates in England, despite the huge resources involved in the NHS cancer Plan and Cancer reform strategy, also there is still wide regional variation in survival, with deprivation still being linked to poor outcome, a factor which the plan was meant to address. Also according to Karol Sikora, access to new cancer drugs in England is also poor, the latest EU comparator (2008) shows that the use of six cancer drugs approved in the past three years is fivefold less in the UK than the EU average. According to Ciaran Devane Macmillan Cancer Support (Telegraph UK April 2010), although there are more cancer survivors in England because of both the improvements in treatment and an ageing population, but this does not show the whole picture of cancer policy of England. After once the treatment of cancer ends, many patients feel abandoned by the NHS and struggle to cope with the long-term effects of cancer, and cancer treatment. The NHS cancer policy needs to ensure all cancer patients have the support they need to manage the long term effects of cancer treatment. A recent report by National Radiotherapy Advisory Group (2007) suggests that England need a massive 90% expansion in radiotherapy provision for cancer patients. According to Crump (2009) that in England radiotherapy for cancer patients is at the same level as it was in the 1980s, with only 7% of eligible patients getting precisely targeted intensity-modulated radiotherapy. In conclusion of this assignment, although the recent public health policy developments in field of cancer have shown some success in England but there are certain areas where significant improvement is require like early detection of cancers to reduce higher incidence rates of cancer by decreasing the waiting times for patients and cancer survival rates especially when comparing to other top European countries. There is a need to change cancer policy of England to meet the real requirements of current and future cancer patients.

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  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Washington August 23, 1968. Racism is probably the fist form of discrimination that is thought of. It is the belief that some people are inferior to others.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Often times it’s in their school†¦   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   It is believed racial slurs are just jokes but not to those who they are ridiculing. Many are perpetrators of joking racism and usually feel that these types of jokes are harmless. They can be harmless and maybe at times funny but are also hurtful and degrading. Some of the biggest racists are those who don’t even know that they are and even deny it.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In Kings day racism was much deeper. It was a livelihood for many people. They based their lives on haste and discrimination. Today it may occur, but the majority of society does not base a lifestyle on hate and discrimination.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Martin Luther King Jr. used a very effective, non-violent form of prostest, which helped African Americans gain equal rights.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   These events led to many civil rights movements to develop throughout time until the present day: â€Å"Because of some of these boycotts†¦ An example of this is â€Å"The largest ever non-violent protest in Washington August 23, 1968, where 200,000 people attended (World Book Encyclopedia).† King was a great influence to the Civil Rights Movement. Eventually the Civil Rights Movement let to some freedom for blacks, even though racism still exists today, and most laws were passed due to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The African-American community no longer has limited rights or segregation from society. People have grown closer to racial unity. Despite all of this, racism remains in the minds of people, and hate crimes, as well as white supremacist organizations, still exist.

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science of ozone :: essays research papers fc

THE SCIENCE OF OZONE Ozone, though similar to oxygen chemically, is composed of three molecules of oxygen and is usually blue in color with a very strong odor. The atmosphere contains less ozone than the common oxygen. While out of every ten million air molecules, there exist about two million molecules of normal oxygen and only three molecules of ozone. Most of these ozone molecules are typically concentrated in the Stratosphere, the atmospheric layer that runs roughly from ten kms to about fifty kms in altitude. Even though the amount of ozone in the atmosphere is small, it plays a vital role in the atmosphere. The ozone layer protects the Earth and everything on it by absorbing the sun’s UV radiation. When the ozone is not at an atmospheric level and is at ground level, ozone proves to have toxic effects. ‘Inhaling fairly low amounts of ozone can result in signs and symptoms such as coughing, congestion, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest pain in otherwise healthy people. People with already existing asthma, bronchitis, heart disease, and emphysema may find their conditions worsen while inhaling ozone. Breathing ozone may also increase the risk of getting certain lung diseases. People can recover from short-term exposure to low levels of ozone. However, breathing high levels of ozone or breathing low levels of ozone over a long period of time may have more damaging and longer-lasting effects.’ Ozone has also been found to have positive effects on people. It has proven to be a very purifying substance. Doctors are now aware that it has three powerful properties: 1. It stimulates the immune systems through production of natural cancer-killing proteins called cytokines. 2. It improves oxygenation (delivery of oxygen to starved tissues) and metabolism. 3. It is a powerful antibiotic when applied locally. Ozone is made naturally in the atmosphere or artificially by using high voltages or ultraviolet rays. Ozone and Oxygen work together efficiently to prevent the ultraviolet radiations reaching the earth’s surface. The ultraviolet radiations with shorter wavelengths, such as wavelengths less than 242 nm, have sufficient energy to break the O-O covalent bonds in the oxygen molecules and are thereby used up by the oxygen molecules. < 242 nm O2 (g) Â ® 2O (g) Similarly, ultraviolet radiations with higher wavelengths, for example more than 242 nm to 320 nm, are used up in breaking the bonds between the oxygen atoms in an Ozone molecule. 242-320 nm

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Is He or isnt She - Original Writing :: Papers

Is He or isn't She - Original Writing I reach my destination, not really convinced how I should feel, or what I should anticipate! A mid terraced house, unsure of the area, but seems calm. A cold October evening, 5 pm and already the streets are dimly lit, a clear sky above, evidently displaying the dazzling stars that gleam beyond. I approach the house to a very inviting welcome, are they really friendly people or do they not get many visitors? I make my way to the lounge and take a seat, a small table in the corner draped in a lace cloth, a bookshelf that covers one entire wall and bursting to the brim with books. I'm immediately offered refreshments before given the chance to proceed with the interview, "A cup of tea would be great, thanks". Where do I start? A very complicated person, whose life is full of twists and turns. Kris, 5ft 8in tall, medium built with shoulder length hair, the kind of hair I would describe a 60's rock star to have, like Mick Jagger's, the rough and ready look. Born in London, but you wouldn't know by her accent, she has more of a neutral tone. She grew up with the feeling of not belonging! It all started when schooling began, nursery then infants. She just didn't fit in and her parents didn't know what to do. "Send her off to boarding school, that'll change things." I sit there, listening to every word that is spoken to me. She's obviously very wounded and distraught by the whole circumstances, as her parents were going through a divorce at this time, but did her mother really feel that this would be the best option, or was it that she didn't know what else to do, maybe she needed to escape? She sits opposite me, fidgeting, almost non-stop, legs crossed to one side and then instantaneously switching over to the other, arms folded, and the only time they unfolded is to remove the hair in her eyes, or to twiddle uncontrollably with her fingers.

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Travel and Tourism Unit 7 P4

P4) Review factors that have contributed to one declining destination (Cyprus) and one developing (Greece) in the European travel market. Developing destination: Greece Greece is also known as Hellenic Republic, the first country in Europe to advance civilization, Greece is one of the most visited country in Europe locate in southern Europe near Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Rep. Macedonia. Greece is the home of the Olympic Game; Olympic game is popular in Greece, also across the world.People love to travel there because of the sport facilities; in 2004 Greece hosted the EUFA Euro 2004, and people love to go there because of the sport events. Greece is a country full of culture and tradition. This is Acropolis of Athens built in 6th century BC; Acropolis is the most visited building in Greece; people love to visit this building because it tells the all story of the beginning of Civilization in Europe, according the local newspaper Kathimerine, most of the visitors who visited the Ac ropolis in 2007 were students in majority.To visit the building cost 12/6 euro per person according creteTrave. com. This is Aegean Sea locate between Greece and Turkey. Aegean Sea is one of the natural feature most visited in Greece, millions of tourists visited the sea last year. People love to visit Aegean Sea because of the sea temperature, in summer the sea temperature goes up to 21 °- 26 °c sometime even 30 °c, in winter is 10 °- 18 °c. Rage of accommodation in Greece, Greek accommodation has the European standard starting from 3 to 5*, Greek accommodation is considered has the best in southern-east Europe.Acropolis Museum Boutique Hole is one of the best hotel in Athens locate in the heart of Athens. People love to visit Athens because of the hotel prices short break costs â‚ ¬32. 00, family room costs â‚ ¬280, single â‚ ¬57 and double room costs â‚ ¬65. For example 11 night costs â‚ ¬173. 89. I think that’s why people love to visit Athens. Thi s is Greece’s climate: Greece has Mediterranean weather which means 10 °c in winter and summer 22 °c, the weather also play a significant role in Greece.Greece is a country with the best accessibility that we can compare to other country in west Europe. According to British Airways a fly to Athens costs ? 65. 50 duration of the flight is 3h 40’. Greece does appeal to everyone mid-class, high-class can visit Greece; it costs less than inbound in the UK according to Travelweekly. com, Greece is the heart of European civilization, 99. 9% believe Greece is a place to visit, and study.Greece is the home of rest with its histories and beautiful weather of Mediterranean, a country which inspired the rest of European country to develop. Declining destination: Cyprus There has been a major decline in the travel and tourism sector in Cyprus. A 2. 4% overall decrease in arrivals were recorded last month compared to the same month in 2009 and a decrease of 10. 2% was recorded in arrivals from the UK for the year – suggesting that Cyprus is beginning to become a less popular holiday destination for the British; one of Cyprus' main markets.It is though that this decrease is due to a combination of redevelopment of other Mediterranean holiday destinations and increasing trust in budget airlines. For example, Greece has reported an 8. 4% increase in arrivals in 2010 compared to the same period in 2009. Budget airlines such as easy jet and Ryan air also do not fly to Cyprus and have made nearby locations a more attractive offer, which in combination with the credit crunch has significantly impacted peoples buying decisions. Negative †¢Expensive †¢Poor quality †¢Downmarket †¢Positive †¢Weather †¢Sea †¢Countryside †¢English speaking †¢Weddings †¢Major tour operators seeking to increase their share of revenue †¢Trend to all inclusive will reduce revenue in Cyprus and damage tertiary businesses One in three UK holidaymakers uses Tripadvisor for information. Of those, one third change their plans as a result †¢Tripadvisor consistent Cyprus themes: †¢Ã¢â‚¬ËœExpensive’ †¢Ã¢â‚¬ËœRip off’ †¢Ã¢â‚¬ËœScams’ †¢Ã¢â‚¬ËœGhost town’

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Ford Motor Company Essay

Strengths Ford Motor Company is a Multi international Company with 90 plant and facilities selling vehicles in 200 markets. It is the second biggest plant in the world, with approximately 345,000 employees The Ford Motor Company is the Fifth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world and the second in the U.S. with a total (Sales 2010) of 4,988,031 vehicles manufactured including Cars, land craft vehicles (LCV), Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) and Heavy Buses. Ford Motor merges with Hertz Rent-A-Car, the world’s leading vehicle renting organization, operates from approximately 8,100 locations in 143 countries worldwide. Ford Motor Company is in ten place in 2011 Fortune 500 list (Us), with Revenues of (Millions) 128,954.0 and Profits of (Millions) 6,561.0 and in the 2011 Global 500 list, Ford Motors in twenty fifth place. †¢ Ford is a Household name brand †¢ Has physical presence in all major continents †¢ Ford motor credit company helps finance, lease and sell insurance customers †¢14,400 international patents, copyrights and trademarks †¢2nd highest market share in truck sales †¢Sponsor special-rate financing programs available only through Ford Credit Programs increase Ford Credit’s financing volume and share of financing sales of their vehicles Weaknesses Ford Motors doesn’t have a fuel efficient stander pickup or cargo van, compared to Chevrolet Silverado (Pickup) that gives 20mpg in city and 23mpg in highway and the Chevrolet Express (Van) that gives a 15mpg in city and 20mpg in highway. †¢ Durable good- in rough economical times it is not necessary to replace †¢ If consumers continue to demand vehicles that are relatively large, have high performance, and/or are feature-laden, while regulatory standards require the production of vehicles that are smaller and more economical, the mismatch of supply and demand would have a negative  effect on profitability †¢ Market share has declined in many regions of the world over the last year. Overall market share in the United States, including PAG-brand vehicles, has declined in each of the past five years, from 20.5% in 2003 to 15.6% in 2007 †¢Stock shares have declined, resulting with volume reductions have had an adverse impact on our results of operations Ford Motor warned its European operations may lose $500 million to $600 million this year. Opportunities Innovation technologies, Sync with My ford touch is a combine technology, that help and assists drivers for a more comfortable drive experience. The Sync technology consist in integrating Bluetooth- enable cell phones and Mp3 players in to the car, providing hand free call and music selection capabilities using voice activate commands. My ford touch replaces many traditional buttons with clear, colorful and user friendly LCD screens. †¢ Block Exemption Regulation (Europe) – Makes it easier for a dealer to display and sell multiple brands in one store (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) without the need to maintain separate facilities †¢Increasing presence in China, with more investment in manufacturing capacity, introduction of new products and expansion of distribution channel †¢Opened a second assembly plant and new engine plant located in Nanjing, China Initial capacity of the plant was approximately 160,000 units annually, boosting total annual passenger car production capacity in China to more than 410,000 vehicles Operates a purchasing office in China to procure components for operations outside of China Threats †¢ Decline in overall market share due to Including increased competition Industry shift away from traditionally stronger segments (e.g., traditional SUVs and full-size pickups) Reduced vehicle sales to daily rental companies †¢Decrease in commercial fleet sales reflected lower industry volume †¢Japanese and Korean manufacturers are increasing their production capacity in Europe Strength †¢ Ford Motor Company is a Multi international Company with 90 plant and facilities selling vehicles in 200 markets. It is the second biggest plant in the world, with approximately 345,000 employees. ( , ( †¢ The Ford Motor Company is the Fifth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world and the second in the U.S. with a total (Sales 2010) of 4,988,031 vehicles manufactured including Cars, land craft vehicles (LCV), Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) and Heavy Buses. (, 2011) ( †¢ Ford Motor diversity in Ford Credit is a subsidiary of The Ford Motor Company that finance vehicles to customer and dealers to support Ford Motor Company sales. They also provide financing on Lincoln vehicles, offering: competitive rates, innovative products, flexible terms ( ile.jhtml) †¢ Ford Motor merges with Hertz Rent-A-Car, the world’s leading vehicle renting organization, operates from approximately 8,100 locations in 143 countries worldwide. †¢ Ford Motor Company is in ten place in 2011 Fortune 500 list (Us), with Revenues of (Millions) 128,954.0 and Profits of (Millions) 6,561.0 ( and in the 2011 Global 500 list, Ford Motors in twenty fifth place. ( Weakness †¢ Ford Explores rollover and firestone tires recalls controversy announced on August, 2000, approximately 14.4 million tires contain a safety-related defect. Harmed Ford brand image. ( †¢ Ford Motors doesn’t have a fuel efficient stander pickup or cargo van, compared to Chevrolet Silverado (Pickup) that gives 20mpg in city and 23mpg in highway and the Chevrolet Express (Van) that gives a 15mpg in city and 20mpg in highway. ( †¢ Ford Motors only has seven subsidiaries, Lincoln, mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin. Opportunities †¢ Fuel efficient cars, Ford Motor Company is launching the most fuel-efficient cars in the market. The All-new 2012 Ford Focus will be powered by a fuel-efficient 2.0-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine with twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) and direct gasoline injection that will deliver up to a projected 40 mpg highway. The combinations of these technologies helps to lower gas emission but, still have horse power. For a 4 cylinder 2.0 liter engines it is rated at 160 horse power and 146lbs of torque. ( †¢ Big donator to charity and victims of natural disasters. October 27, 2000 – Ford Motor Company will donate $1.4 million to the San Diego Environmental Foundation (SDEF) for the preservation, protection and enhancement of the San Eliot Lagoon Ecological Reserve, which is one of San Diego’s and Southern California’s most precious and unique natural resources. ( m/article_display.cfm?article_id=6425) †¢ Innovation technologies, Sync with My ford touch is a combine technology, that help and assists drivers for a more comfortable drive experience. The Sync technology consist in integrating Bluetooth- enable cell phones and Mp3 players in to the car, providing hand free call and music selection capabilities using voice activate commands. My ford touch replaces many traditional buttons with clear, colorful and user friendly LCD screens. ( †¢ Driving Technology, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) gives out three warnings when a vehicle not visible or enters ones blinds spot. The signals consists in a Yellow light appears in the corresponding side view mirror, an audio alert and a message warning displayed.  ( †¢ Rear view camera and Forward Sensing System, helps drives to see on screen when parking in reverse. The Forward Sensing System helps to determine how close are the objects form the vehicle. ( †¢ Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS). This technology consists in adapting to the road conditions and help drivers to compensate directional shifts caused by crowned roads surface or steady crosswinds. ( †¢ Active Park Assistants uses ultrasonic based sensing system and EPAS for parallel parking. ( †¢ Rain-Sensing Wipes has a optical sensor that auto adjust to the climate conditions. ( Power train and convenience †¢ Adaptive cruise control allows the vehicle to set and mating speed without using the pedals. It also has a radar- based system that’s can monitor the vehicle in front up to 600 feet. ( †¢ Easy fuel or cap less system helps drives when filling the car with gasoline a hassle-free, odor free, and have a more consistent seal compared to traditional manual cap.( †¢ Eco-Boost gains of up to 20 percent and reduction of CO2 emissions by as much as 15 percent compared with larger, less efficient engines. ( †¢ Dual-clutch Power Shift six-speed transmission combines the responsive performance and fuel economy of a manual gearbox with the convenience of a traditional automatic transmission. ( Threats †¢ Government regulations. Do to the pollution and the Global warming caused by the Co2, car manufactures are trying to develop fuel efficient cars. In Jul 29,2011 Major car developers and manufactures joined President  Obama to discusses the further in fuel economy and proposed a new Fuel-efficiency standers. Today’s stander is 27.3mpg by 2025 the stander should be at 54.5 mpg. Its estimated that this new â€Å"stander† will save a average of $8,000 on fuel bill per vehicle, and will reduce U.S. oil consumption by 2.2 billion barrels per day. ( †¢ Change of oil price, is one of the most volatile components oil, is very heretical as it prices increases and decreases. Consumer are more aware that fuel efficient vehicle can guarantee more performance for their money. In 26-07-2011 oil crude open at $99.0 an close$99.6 ( †¢ Increase of raw materials. This effects the manufacturing of the automobile if the steel components raises then the car will have to be a lot more expensive. According to the World Carbon Steel Transaction Prices in Mar,2011 medium steel sections were $719/Ton in April,2011 it was 926/Ton. ( †¢ Recession is another factor that Ford Motor Company has to battle. As the economy declines in activity, more people are not investing or spending their incomes in new vehicles. It is estimate that the US unemployment rates is at 13.9 million persons a (9.1 percent)

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Honesty is the best policy Essay

Introduction: Honesty means â€Å"being honest†, another meaning â€Å"truthfulness†, Policy means â€Å"course of action adopted by a government, business group, individual, etc.† So here the complete meaning of the essay title is â€Å"truthfulness course of action adopted by an individual is the best one†. This â€Å"honesty† word is very much known to the whole world but has less impact on the majority of our society. Many social parameters are there which reflects honesty test, but in real sense there is no any concrete method to test honesty. If it would be then there would be no need of judiciary in the world. The largest judicial organisation are telling the story of dishonesty. Let us watch few honesty images. Value of Honesty: Highest complement for a person is a tag of honesty given by the society ; if he is attached to this virtue. Today’s biggest gap in true sense is the honesty; which is not strengthen properly in the school students. I am not saying that this value is not taught in the schools, but want to draw attention of the school teaching system about the falling graph of this ethical elements in present society. The school students must be engraved with honest practices rather than paying strong attention on science subjects. It is because this is one of the biggest virtue of the growing youngsters ; who will carry nation on their feet. Strong value of honesty will always be a biggest justification throughout the globe for the welfare of the whole humanity. We all have to dictate the tremendous value of honesty to our kids from very beginning in an easy understandable and practical way. True way of Solution of Human Problems: Many problems of the human society is because of less numbers of honest people. The today’s people forgot the best policy of living. In the world political system many wrong decisions are imposed wrongly because of self centered thinking irrespective of honest approach. In India recently Lokpal system was biggest news headlines. Lokpal is for protecting human interest and to monitor government decisions. I think this would not be required if honesty remains live in the human souls. If honesty remained the best policy of the past time then today’s evils would never come to damage the social, economical and functional balance of the society. Now the whole world have to rethink to renovate and rebuild the  honesty in the system by all possible means . Because no any system can check the every minister , clerk etc to stop corruption and self centered policy making. It is only the honesty of these men which will stop them to do disho nest to others. There should be a system to push honest people in the political system of all the nations. It is the only way to get the true solution for human problems. Advantage of Honesty: Honest people have high degree of social acceptance. They are not confined to a particular town but become the renowned personality of the larger area. It is such a quality of a human beings that uplift him at such a height that can not be achieved by working very hard in normal way. I am giving one such example of an honest man. He is non but the great Mahatma Gandhi of India; whose one word became the command for total Indians in the history. This is because of his honesty as a best policy. Every man believed from his bottom of heart that what Gandhi is telling is more than 100 per cent correct. There are many such examples in the world. Its invisible advantage are infinite. I said invisible because it can only perceived and can not be seen. Where and when we have to practice honesty: *At the time of paying for things at shop if shopkeeper is busy and forget to ask for payment. *In queue we have to be very honest to maintain it. *While checking examination copy of students. *While distributing something among family or in equal group. *At our professional position. Why people are Dishonest Today: It is noticed that human ethical index is degrading day by day. It is because the human beings have shifted from religious belief and become more scientific. But they don’t know that science only gives solution of naturally available thing. But creator is God; who created everything and is watching everyone. Honesty can only be judged in front of God and not in front of any law, system, anyone etc. Many of us also forget that science is very limited it will not be able to discover unlimited nature. If one consumes whole energy of the earth even then ten percent of sky distance is unreachable. It is my own calculation and according to my belief. Another example of perceiving the creator is that a bird flying above thousand feet can look the very small grains and  the bird can fly thousand of kilometer from one country to another with its small 500g muscle. Don’t anybody think this while flying in flight which requires gallons of oil to c over only 1000 km. If anyone can understand this then he is with my view. Conclusion: We have to realize the value of honesty otherwise social, economical balance will be lost. One day we have to answer our life before God. It is certain to happen otherwise no religion would exist on this earth. Much more can be written about â€Å"Honesty is the Best Policy Essay†. I will write short point wise essay for grade 1 to 2. Keywords: honesty is the best policy story, honesty is the best policy quote, pictures on honesty, honesty in life.