Saturday, October 5, 2019

American Government And Politics Today Research Paper

American Government And Politics Today - Research Paper Example The country is subdivided into small regions such as states, counties or provinces, and the regions are organized into local governments that can make decisions on certain matters (Cropf, 2008). Most countries in the world use the unitary system of government (Ferguson, 2006). Presently the United uses the federal system of government. It is divided into states, and the different states are governed by local governments that do not report to the central government on most matters. The unitary system has its advantages and disadvantages. 2. During emergencies such as war or catastrophes such as the earthquake, the government can respond quickly in a unitary state as compared to a federal state. The reason is that, in a unitary state, the decision-making process is short. In very big countries and countries with a large racial diversity, it is difficult to rule with the unitary system of government. The powers are centralized in the central government, and it is not easy to govern the rural areas far away from the political capital. For example, whenever there is a conflict between communities, it is difficult for a unitary state to handle it. The differences in ethnicity, religion, and culture can best be handled by federal states (Bardes, Shelley & Schmidt, 2014). In unitary states, more attention is given to the development in the urban areas, and less attention is given to the rural areas. This creates a form of monopoly in the urban dwellers that further impede the development of the rural dwellers. In a unitary state, power is centered in the central government. The central government, therefore, makes decisions unchecked. In the case of any wrong decisions, the government gets away with it. I such a situation, the people bear the consequences. This is a likely scenario in the USA in case the powers of the central government are increased (Bardes et al., 2014).

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