Friday, October 18, 2019

Communication and Counselling Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Communication and Counselling Skills - Essay Example ry vital to the society at large since they take care of people’s health and try their best to save patients from losing lives due to diseases, stress, accidents and injuries(Robert & James, 2005). Health and care social organisations offer a variety of services to clients and therefore should have the appropriate technology and workforce to satisfy needs of their services users exceptionally well (Peter & Rose, 2007). The workforce employed or volunteering to work in these organisations must have the necessary skills and knowledge that match the duties and responsibilities that they will be allocated. Counseling services is one the many services provided for health and social care institutions. People employed or volunteering to execute these services in these institutions must have the necessary counseling and communication skills needed for them to execute their duties and responsibilities in an exceptional manner. In this essay, a range of counseling perspectives used in c ounseling interaction, current ethical codes and boundaries related to professional practice in counseling and the significance of communication and counseling skills within health and social care will be critically analyzed and evaluated. Counseling perspectives used in counseling interactions simply mean the counseling attitudes that are applied in interactions between counselors and their clients (Stacy & Remy, 2007). The main three theories that explain these counseling perspectives are psychodynamic theory, theory of cognitive behavioral therapy and the theory of person centered therapy. In this essay only two theories will be covered and they are theory of person centered therapy and that one of cognitive behavioral therapy. Person centered therapy is also known as client centered therapy and was formulated by a humanist psychologist by the name of Carl Rogers in the year 1945 (Athman, 2006, p.15). It is a talk therapy which is non-directive in nature and among the widely used

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