Saturday, October 19, 2019

Answer the question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 28

Answer the question - Essay Example Such people are never alone and get easily terrified at the idea of getting acquainted with solitude for even a little while. Peer pressure to constantly remain in the world of mass media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. is so high that students are left with no choice but to become part of this popular youth culture. Otherwise, they are instantly labelled antisocial introverts. Research also claims that becoming part of the â€Å"in† crowd is just part of growing up in schools and colleges (p. 100). Social media in the form of a big societal force also has another shattering influence on teenagers or youth. It is no hidden reality that everyone is busy nowadays in trying to fit into an ever narrowing social ideal because that is how others want them to act. This social ideal is impressed by our social media which makes people insecure and uncomfortable with how they naturally look. Youth is most vulnerable and susceptible. This is because they very easily become a prey to the propaganda instigated by social media which is about looking thinner and more

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