Friday, October 18, 2019

Can Stress Cause Suicidal Symptoms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Can Stress Cause Suicidal Symptoms - Essay Example The authenticity of this statement will be established in the proceeding arguments below. This is with the aim of drawing the attention of different psychologists to identify ways of addressing this subject with the main intention of reducing cases of suicides or suicidal thoughts. According to Carlson and Heth, stress can be defined as an unfavorable condition that can have an influence on an individual’s mind and physical welfare (527). Nevertheless, it has been a difficult experience to state precisely what defines stress that is, whether stress is a process, a cause or an effect that connects physical well being and mental status. Humans are complicated creatures to understand at times and therefore in terms of defining stress among humans, it might include both visible factors and invisible factors. Stress build-up has been known to give humans suicidal thoughts. This is not a new concept in the modern world, but it began a long time ago during the lifetime of Jesus for those who read the bible. When Judah, a disciple of Jesus; committed suicide after betraying his master. What drove him to develop such thoughts? In answering this question, there are various factors that can trigger someone to have suicidal thoughts at any given moment. Theories have emerged in connection with suicide thoughts and occurrences among the humans. The most striking theory is the newer theory concerning suicide by a famous American psychologist Thomas Joiner. In his theory, he has outlined three major factors that can trigger a person to resort to suicide. These include; a mindset of a person that he/she is alone in the surrounding and there is hardly anyone who has a concern or cares about them. In fact, this is normally a mistaken perception. Another factor concerns a person’s feeling that he/she is ‘a parasite’ to other people. These types of individuals have no other thoughts, apart from suicidal thoughts.  

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