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Research paper- movie JFK 1991 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Research paper- movie JFK 1991 - Essay Example The film is an indication of what happened in Dallas and why there is still much insistent misperception in adjacent the whole incident. The film was principally reliable in its key influences which to some extent are factual. Some of the characters in the film are fictional comprising Willie O’Keefe while other is real titles of people such as General Edward, a designation constructed upon a tangible person. The film through its characters that are non-existent and its atmosphere seems to convey this assassination in a good life changing way. The events in this film are simplified to streamline a narrative; the film unbolts with a biography medley awarding Kennedy as essential progressive leader who saddened the formation and consequently found himself on the highway to murder. The happenings in this picture are varied in with re-formed imaginary material and seguehooked on the movie itself without difference making an inconspicuous but definite claim for documentary accuracy level. Oliver was in dread that his identifiable district might have been convoluted in the whole presidential assassination process, finally he goes to Washington to encounter unknown and unnamed administration insider who played with shameless intelligence by Donald Sutherland. Movies and drama have been used by various artists to discuss various important issues that affect man and the society. It is through such visual imitation of real happenings that acts to inform the viewers and the general public of the happenings around them. It is with this in mind that the director of the movie "JFK" 1991 tries to make Americans and the whole world understand the circumstances under which president John F. Kennedy died on 22 November 1963. Through the dramatization of events surrounding his death through a movies’ point of it becomes easy to understand the reality of the assassination. Though critics of the movie have disagreed in the way and mannerism used to bring the whole iss ue of the assassination into being and if there was conspiracy among the Government officials to assassinate him. The movie has had a big impact in the lives and understanding of the assassination plan (Mark, 1996). Though the movie has deviated to some degree on circumstances under which the assassination was planed it still has managed to use the historical facts to portray its authenticity. In the plot of the movie the basic facts identified after investigation by warren commission revealed that the president’s assassination was carried out by Lee Harvey Oswald. In addition the movies twist and emphasis on conspiracy is brought in by facts that were isolated by the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations. In its facts in 1978 differed with the findings of warren commission and concluded that the assassination was a conspiracy. (Wicker,1963). It is within this frame work that the film is developed though some scenes have been made to appear too much fiction. This is based on the findings that further gave evidence that the evidence provided in the warren commission had been tempered with. United States House Select Committee on Assassinations also claimed that there was a another person who fired the gunshots apart from Oswald therefore authenticating the aspect of conspiracy that the movie explores. It is through proper characterization that the movie portrays its theme in a more realistic manner. The

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