Thursday, September 26, 2019

Inequality of Sexual Orientation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Inequality of Sexual Orientation - Essay Example They are common terms that are used by teenager without understanding the real meaning of the word. According to the author, the use of these words on someone is attributed to some of the characters that the person exhibits that can be linked to the real construction of a gay person in the society. The author shows that if one if short or too tall, too fast or too skinny, one becomes a target by others in school and will always be referred to in bad words. This means that there are some contractions by the society which leads people to identify someone with some kind of sexual orientation unlike others. However it has been shown that most of the young people use these words in two different ways. First they can use these words for derogatory purposes and second they can be used for purpose of sexual orientation. Although schools have put in place hard polite to deal with the use of these world, they usually face a hard time in trying to curtail the use of the words (Cass, 1999). The use of antigay languages is therefore linked not to the real aspect of student being gay but is it used for the about two purpose. When use for general derogatory remarks, anti gay words generally lead to a lot of emotional strain for student. This is because it leads the student to think how the other is seeing them though it is not what they are. In case an inequality in these sense that student start to think that they are gay while in the actual sense they are not. But when it used for the purpose of sexual orientation, it shows that there are some particular characteristics that the person is bearing that rely can be closely associated with the gays even if they may not be gay themselves. In the other case about the Indian Muslim woman, the author also gives a number of factors that can be attributed to be the main causes of inequality due to sexual orientation. The other brings our the social constitution of a Muslim woman in which it is shows that Muslim women in a hijab for example ill not be considered as a first class citizen but would be relegated below man. The author brings this kind of construction to show how the Muslim society sees the position of a woman in the society. This is a sexual orientation that puts women below men. That author brings out a struggle scenario where we have the woman tiring to find a new sense of identity in another society. It is shown that the women in this case are living in two different works which result from the way the society has constructed the perception of woman. The Indian Muslim is faced with the reality of living a double standard life which is actually a conflicting world between Muslims and the American society. The American woman is not the same as the Indian Muslim though they are living in the same society (Bollough, 1996). The feminist construction in the western world and in Islam results to a sharp conflict between the two worlds with a high level of inequality. The Muslim society has a different construction of a good woman and the western societies well has a different consorting of the same woman. The inequality between the tow sides comes in the fact that the Muslim society wants a woman who lives by the standards dictated by the religion

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