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Network Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Network Design - Essay Example floods etc. Furthermore, the distance between the two buildings is 120 meters that is manageable for connecting the sites physically. However, in case of configuring a wireless network, IEEE-802.11g Compliant will be recommended for covering the distance of 250 meters. Figure 1.1 demonstrates the current architecture and Figure 1.2 illustrates the network architecture for Tyrell Corporation Figure 1.1 Figure 1.2 2 Addressing Deployment Approach for Departments Star topology is recommended for the wired local area network. It is the most widely adopted topology. The star topology supports the centralized provision of network resources and services. The support staff can manage the network administrative and troubleshooting tasks centrally. Star topology helps to implement centralized security architecture for improved and enhanced security of the network. The network implementation cost can be saved by provisioning the core systems located centrally. The security controls and backup s ystems are also located centrally for better troubleshooting and management. For deploying the local network for Tyrell Corporation, CAT 5 cable is the best option. It supports both voice and data transmission. CAT-5 is in the form of twisted pairs. This cable consists of 4 copper wire pairs, connecting the network node with RJ 45 connectors.CAT-5 supports up to 100 to 1000 MHz speeds in a ‘full duplex’ mode (Category 5 Cable. 2007). The Tyrell Corporation enterprise network will corresponds to request related to internet applications, online transactions, requests by sale contractors, file transfer protocol and Emails. CAT 5 can support these features with ease. However, CAT 5 cable can support up to 300 feet equal to 100 meters in distance. A requirement of the switch is mandatory for every 300 feet. Data switches perform packet distribution tasks within the local area network. Acting as a core backbone, Tyrell Corporation network requires fast Ethernet switches to su pport the internet and external communication. The Cisco Catalyst 3750 v2 series switch is recommended to cater the requirements for the current scenario as well as for the future. The deployment of switches will be carried out by disconnecting one department at a time on a non-working day, as the installation will be conducted by the vendors or the staff available at Tyrell Corporation. From each of these available departments, human resource department will be the first one to be replaced with the new switch supporting VLAN and addressing security issues. The next department will be the technology department itself for enabling compatibility with the human resource department switch, as proper configuration and testing is required. Each department follows the similar approach with finance department to be the last one. Cisco Catalyst 3750 is the OSI layer 3 stackable switch, supporting the energy efficiency factor. Stackable means that more switches can be added to the current swi tch configuration for providing more network nodes. This switch supports the Cisco Energy Wise technology, which assist in the provision of power management of the big switch network. At the same time, the Cisco energy wise technology reduces the cost and carbon foot prints. The latest invention to the energy wise technology is the ‘Cisco Energy Wise’ Orchestrator which is a dedicated turnkey power management solution

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