Saturday, September 7, 2019

Law Enforcement Function Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Law Enforcement Function - Assignment Example There are several steps towards approaching this model, and the number decreases at each step due to weakening. This model is crucial as it has been known to prevent the overcrowding of the criminal justice. This has an influence on the police department because the criminal justice starts with the crime being committed and a careful follow up on the crime is done (Reichel, 2002). Therefore, the fact that it prevents the overcrowding of the criminal justice shows that the number of trials decline and the overall number of people imprisoned reduces significantly. This has proved to save man hours, as well as money. The wedding cake model is an illustration on how different cases are grouped in a sequential manner according to their sensitivity, with the less sensitive case at the bottom and the more sensitive at the top. In a police department, the wedding has some influence as it follows the different layers; to know the stand of the judiciary (Reichel, 2002).The most sensitive cases attract different reactions from the public, which may give incorrect information about the criminal justice process. During the processing of the case, this model ensures that each layer is handled according to each individual and that similar cases are treated systematically, which is very helpful in a police department (Reichel, 2002). The third model is the net model, which is an illustration on why some cases never proceed to the court of law. In this model, a clear illustration is given on why some offenders are allowed to exit while others struggle only to find themselves entrapped, and this is important in the police department (Reichel, 2002). The structure and procedure of a police department differ from crime control model to due process models as illustrated hereunder. The purpose of the crime control department is to prevent department by all means by considering the safety of an individual over the right of

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