Sunday, September 22, 2019

Evaluation and Recommendations for Further Work Essay

Evaluation and Recommendations for Further Work - Essay Example The sources used in the paper were mainly of the popular-scholarly type. The paper could have had a better appeal if the sources were corroborated by other sources that are of the pure scholarly nature. The resources also had to be made in such a manner that they were relevant to the topic of business management. The paper sources were generally acceptable and they provided the audience with the sufficient amount of information. The ultimate test of the ability of a person to write in the upper college level is measured by his prowess in matching the quality of the resources with the quantity. In this case, the paper was capable of attaining this threshold. However, resources could have been more involving and engaging. The degree of the resources in engaging the reader makes the paper match the strong claims made by the thesis (Bryman and Bell, 2003). The quality of the paper was also adequate in meeting the demand or the expectations of the target audience and the topical demands. The other point of evaluation applicable in the analysis of the project is the capacity of the paper to use the sources that are current and relevant to the topic of business management. The most relevant article is the journal articles. Articles are better as sources compared to books since they have a narrow and deep scope (Cooper, Schindler and others, 2003). The use of the books in the library to make up the report is a major flop since the implied content in the books may not be really practical. The paper was not capable of using the resources that have the amount of currency demanded. Sources used in the paper lacked the currency and scope limitations since they were mainly composed of books (Creswell and Plano Clark, 2007). The bulk of the information in the books could have been reduced had the research paper borrowed a lot from the articles (Creswell and Plano Clark, 2007).

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