Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Visiting the BASILICA DI SANT(church+cript+musuem) Essay

Visiting the BASILICA DI SANT(church+cript+musuem) - Essay Example In 12th century the basilica was rebuilt and received its modern look ( «SantAmbrogio, Milan »). The style of the basilica is Romanesque. The basilica is built of bricks and ashlar stones decorated with carving. There are also parts of stone and plastering used in the construction. The composition of the building is symmetrical; all parts of basilica mirror each other. There is an atrium typical for Romanesque buildings; it is surrounded by aisles with pillars. Capitals are decorated with animals, fantastic motifs, human figures and natural ornaments. There are also two bell towers called Monks Tower and Canons Tower; they symbolize two different orders which lived in the basilica. Monks lived in two southern buildings while canons lived in the north. The exterior of basilica is very orderly; rectangular forms dominate the space and support the idea of symmetrical beauty of ancient Roman architecture. The building looks monumental because of its abundant architectural solutions. The interior of the basilica is predetermined by its main purpose. Religious motifs are observed everywhere; mosaics and frescos on the walls and ceiling present religious motifs and portray the lives of Christian Saints. Stylish groined vaults of the ceiling, semi-circular apse and small chapels of the same shape create specific atmosphere in the place. Pillars, clestory windows and semi-columns serve to support the building and add decorum to the place (Schneider). The interior of the basilica is very impressive and unique. Even though it has all typical features of Romanesque art, it is a bit eclectic due to the fact that different parts of the basilica were added, reconstructed or created in different periods of time. The materials used for mosaics and internal decorations are natural; for instance, there are 4 columns made of porphyry and decorated with bar-reliefs depicting religious scenes (Schneider). Golden altar, beautiful sarcophagus, reliefs and other

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