Tuesday, August 27, 2019

N Health Care or Oil and Gas that has greater relevance to the Houston Research Paper

N Health Care or Oil and Gas that has greater relevance to the Houston economy - Research Paper Example The Department of Health and Human Services in Houston is charged with the duty of working with health care providers plus the community with the intention of promoting good health and improving health services offered to citizens (Nathan, 2009). There are a number of duties that the health department is charged with. Examples of the roles include implementation of programs intended to reduce the prevalence and effect of varied communicable diseases like Swine flu and HIV, keeping track of the environmental conditions like air quality and overseeing animal control and inspecting food establishments and local restaurants to make sure that no health threats are introduced to the lives of the dinners. To operate a food service establishment, a permit would be required of the food dealers. A permit would be given to a food establishment only after it meets every requirement that has been set by Houston food ordinance. There are educational services offered to help managers or workers create and maintain safer food service operations. The services also help the workers comply with Houston food ordinance-set requirements. Education pertaining to food safety is provided using a number of ways. One way in of carrying out the exercise is the condition requiring that every manager attends classes then passes a written test centered on food safety prior to certification as a food service manager. The remaining section of the paper focuses on a detailed analysis and recommendations of appropriate mitigation techniques applicable on the risks that a project manager overseeing the execution of the E- Learning software project has to contend with Apart from roles like project planning and communication, project managers are also charged with the duty of risk management. Risks management in software projects entails identification, quantification and management of risks (Wysocki, 2013). Every project features some amount of risk. For instance, a project meant

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