Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ipad Troubles In China Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Ipad Troubles In China - Article Example This paper will respond to issues raised against the operation of the company in China. Issues raised against the Apple Company include the following: excessive work by employees sometimes seven days in a week, long hours of standing without break, living in crowded dorm, improper disposal of the hazardous waste, disregard to employees’ health, hiring under age employees among other violations (Duhigg & Barboza 1). From the journal report, it is evident that the effort employed by Apple in changing the above conditions has failed to yield any formidable fruits. The journal indicates that despite the audits and recommendations by the Apple top executives supplies of the Apple products have been adamant in adhering to the recommendations or the provisions in the code of conduct. The persistence of the cases reported is an indication that the company does not have the goodwill to transform the working conditions. In my opinion, the provision in the code of conduct acts as a guide or a gauge, which measures the challenges in the factory outlets. However, failure to demonstrate appreciation after auditing recommendation is a show that the management of the Apple Company is responsible for the gross violation of the employees’ rights. Ideally, the management should monitor and control conditions within which its employees carry out their activities. Apple Company has responded to the problems reported by taking the following measures. First, the company has engaged in conducting audits in its factory outlets. These audits are very critical in assessing the conditions within these factories. However, it has emerged from the audits that the company has not been able to respond swiftly in line with the provisions in bits code of conduct. For instance, the company insists that when one of its factory outlets violates the code especially gross violations, it would terminate its operation. Ironically, the

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