Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Marketing Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Marketing Management - Assignment Example It not only has non-stop aircrafts to other Middle-East countries but also has huge number of connecting flights to other countries across the globe. The network of connection by the company stretches from Europe to Asia with its presence in 29 countries and connecting more than 45 cities with a total of 34 fleets of aircrafts. Along with country’s vision of â€Å"Vision 2030†, Gulf Air also has its vision lined on the same line. The company’s strategy is to build a commercially sustainable, efficient airline which effectively serves to the people of Bahrain and also helps in the growth of the economy of the country representing its good image in the global world. Based on its strong strategy of growing at a fast pace the company has its main focus on three core areas which are providing a superior and more consistent product to the customer, a well-targeted and good expansion in the international network and third to become a modern and more efficient aviation c ompany that will provide good value for money to the customers and also will look to optimize value. Having a constant growth in the business operation the company has moved forward in a big way and in 2012 the company was been awarded with Silver Effie for building an effective and innovative brand in Bahrain. Though being in the global market from so many years the goal of the company has remained unchanged and its commitment towards bringing the latest technology in aviation industry is very well known, and its brand image has also increased by its hallmark Aviation hospitality. The company’s strong strategies to provide the best service have become the flagship for the company and the company is well known in the global market because of its high level of service and hospitality. In this report it can be seen how the company has utilised all its resources and capabilities in the best possible way to grow at such a fast rate and also the marketing strategies that are been used by the company

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