Thursday, July 25, 2019

Leadership paper(what's the culture and leadership difference between Research Paper

Leadership (what's the culture and leadership difference between Asia and U.S.A) - Research Paper Example In his opinion, variables like language, environmental and technological considerations, contexting, authority conception, nonverbal communication behavior, time conception etc can affect the communication and leadership styles of a person (Victor, 2009). English is the major language of the Americans whereas Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic etc are some of the languages in Asia. English is an international language and hence the Americans always keep a dominating mentality in their leadership styles. Even Chinese and Indians forced to use the American language English as the medium in their communication with the Americans. Asia and America have different environmental characteristics. Asia is a heavily populated region with different political and legal systems. Communists control the administration in China whereas democracy is prevailing in countries like India, Japan etc. In some other Asian countries Islamic administration is implemented. But in most of the American countries democracy is prevailing. These political differences in Asia and America often reflect in the leadership styles also. Most of the American leaders try to lead their people in a democratic manner whereas in Asia, except in democratic countries, totalitarian approaches are prominent. For example, in China and Saudi Arabia like countries, leaders have the supreme authorities and the followers should blindly accept the instructions of the leaders. But in America, leaders try to hear the opinions of the followers before asking the followers to do something. If the level of knowledge (Contexting) possessed by the leader and the follower are different, it can affect the leadership styles. If the follower has more knowledge than the leader, it is difficult for the leader to instruct the follower. The leader should always possess better knowledge than the follower in order to lead the followers successfully.

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