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Exemplar approach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Exemplar approach - Essay Example The results of the approach depend on the categorization which is done based on the concept categorization. When compared to the other approaches, exemplar approach can be applied to any sort of psychological illusions and problems. The category is classified based on the psychological approaches and this is done to ensure that they are classified in a proper manner. Concepts and categories form the major part of the exemplar approach. The cognitive and psychological functions require concepts and categories. This is one of the striking differences between exemplar approach and other psychological approaches. These are essential to determine the psychological functions and activities of a person. Concepts are considered as the representations and activities based on the mental representations. The use of these concepts is more in exemplar approach due to the varied psychological aspects used in it. Concepts indicate the ideas and ideologies pertaining to a particular idea. These repr esentations include understanding; thinking and even the memory power are included in the classification of concept. Since these are the direct interpretation from one’s mind, they are given more importance. Concepts are classified into three major types namely classification, prototype and exemplar approach. ... (Shan, 2005). These categories are classified and described using several approaches like prototype approach, definitional approach and exemplar approach. In terms of exemplar approach, category is described as the principle that helps to point out the knowledge that has been classified using the concepts. (Braisby, 2005). Category is a collection of properties or items that are similar in nature or by their property. The similar objects possess things that have common properties. The words and properties that are used to define an object are also considered as concepts since they directly deal with the ideas of the people. Exemplar- A Unique Approach Exemplar approach stands out due to its unique approach and easy methodology that is used in dealing with psychological problems. There are certain differences that make exemplar the most sought after method. The major problems with classical approach and prototype approach are eradicated in this approach. Classical approach generally h as problem with defining attributes for a particular category, where as exemplar approach easily generates the required attributes. Classical approach uses fuzzy concept, but exemplar approach uses well defined objects to determine the mental representations. Prototype approach also lacks in certain aspects but exemplar approach scores over them in almost all the aspects. Prototype approach implements abstract concept and this act as a disadvantage while deriving categories. In case of exemplar approach, concrete concept is used since it deals with physical presence. A definite and predefined structure is not followed either in prototype or classical approach. Exemplar approach makes use of predefined steps

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