Thursday, November 21, 2019

Individual Reflective Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Individual Reflective Report - Essay Example The evaluation aims to explore strategic patterns and outcomes, highlighting the approach to strategic decision-making adopted within the group in its handling of strategic issues and tensions like puzzle, dilemma, trade-off or paradox. The report also refers to the core module materials in our discussion. The core module materials refer to attachment and referencing requirements. The report has evidence of strategy, leadership, and significant learning related to strategy and career future. It also includes team behavior, coordination in the group. Good planning, monitoring, evaluating, and enhancing the contribution of the group by setting up comprehensible links between the past, present and future plans and development results. Monitoring and evaluation helps the group to extract information from the past and present, which are used as a basis of pragmatic, fine-tuning, reorientation and future planning (De Wit & Meyer 2010). Effective planning helps to establish whether the grou p work is progressing, moving in the right direction and whether success can be acclaimed in the future. 2.0 Team Role 2.1 Individuals role in the group (a) The group acting product manager The product manager takes the role of comprehending the market demands and trends and aligning those demands to the roadmaps of Vassal Mobile Company. ... (c) Technology officer The technology officer has the role of product innovation and development of its technology as Vassal Technology Officer. The technology officer concentrates on progressive technology products growth and ensuring they are successful to global new markets (Fleischer & Bensoussan 2004). 2.2 My role as the group coordinator As the group chairman, I coordinate the company’s business growth and guide the strategic direction (Fitzroy & Hulbert 2005). I lead and make prosperous technology of the company in the area of Distribution of product, Cable, Mobile and industries of Semiconductor. I lead venture, estimate funds of providers of hardware/software infrastructure concentrating on management of the rich media. I lead innovation and technology development of product as coordinator of Vassal Technology group. In this way, my focus is on creating progressive technology product and to successfully bring these mobile products to new markets. As the team coordinat or, I ensure there are markets of Cable, Internet and Enterprise, as they have grown in the rich media growth. It is through this process that I have comprehended the main technology and drivers of the market and have realized how multiple companies tackle the challenges. 3.0 Strategies 3.1. Strategy management of Vassal Mobile Company group Vassal company experience in sales and marketing, as an initial technology in old and present day media, has set the goal of acquiring 500 clients consisting of the present media, social TV and marketing through the internet. The leading company teams build infrastructure technology in platforms of retail and network while

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