Sunday, November 3, 2019

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency Research Paper

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency - Research Paper Example However, the agency has a third directorate that is the Management and Administration. The Directorate roles are the issuance of professional mission support and management for the agency to meet its goals. The Enforcement and Removal Operations role is enforcing the United States immigration laws in an effective and fair manner. It, therefore, identifies and arrests removable aliens. Furthermore, they can either detain or remove the illegal immigrants in the country where necessary. The directorate’s priority is to apprehend, arrest, and remove convicted criminals that are deemed as a national security threat. They also deal with the border entrants, fugitives, and those seeking asylum in the United States. Homeland Security Investigations directorates role is to investigate the activities that arise due to illegal movement of good and people out, into, or within the United States. The activities to be investigated can either be international or domestic. Lastly, the Manageme nt and Administration Directorate is made of professional staff and managers whose role is to ensure that the agency meets it set goals. Â  The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency are multi-faceted thus addressing several issues in a go. Its work is not limited to law enforcement of immigration issues. In explanation, the customs enforcement takes a significant share of the agency’s budget. The agency, therefore, does not deal only with immigration but also the customs services that include the entry at the ports, enforcement of the intellectual property, investigating of child pornography issues, and international suppression of gangs (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The agency also plays other roles like eliminating human trafficking, conducting cargo inspection, returning the found stolen- antiquities, and interdicting weapons, drugs, bulk cash, and other smuggled substances. Â  

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