Monday, February 3, 2020

Research Essay Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Essay - Research Paper Example Opium is a danger that is rottening the economical and social development of the country and also is destroying the future generation of the world. The Afghanistan was once notorious for its opium cultivation .However recently this business has weakened due to the international fight upon them by western power and destabilizing faced by the Taliban regime. It could be accounted that, the illiteracy and poverty in this nation are the main culprits which intimidate people to indulge in drug cultivation and trafficking. In the website Bryskine writes that :â€Å"According to the survey on drug use in Afghanistan by the UNODC, there are nearly 50,000 heroin users in the country as a whole, and an additional 150,000 who use opium†(Bryskine). Another disturbing fact is the wide use of drug prevalent among the people of opium trading communities. The young people as well as middle aged men are not educated, skilled and advanced to take up a normal job and they ignorantly remain engag ed in the ecstasy of the opium consumption Drugs effect on the people and society. It is seen that numerous amount of people including children and women are taking the escort of drugs to forget the pain and poverty they face in their daily life. In a news article writer Nelson states that: â€Å"United Nations survey begun this month is widely expected to show that at least 1 in 12 people in Afghanistan abuses drugs double the number in the last survey four years ago†(Nelson). The women, who are much suppressed in their social interaction, develop the habit of drug abusing inside the secrecy of mud compounded walls. The soaring number of drug use in Afghan region also aggravated violence and domestic atrocities among men and youngsters .They remain in the intoxication of opium, and refrain from attending schools or potential professions opportunities. They smoke opium which is cheap in their region and beg for money which is an easy method to sustain them. According to the w riter Kelly: â€Å"Conditions are ripe for drug use in Afghanistan: the country is swelled by the return of refugees from Pakistan and Iran, where opium use is endemic† (Kelly).The widespread abundance of the opium has alleviated the number of drug abusers all around the opium cultivating regions of Afghanistan. Seemingly, there are millions of drug addicts in Afghanistan and the government instead of taking care of this population is thriving on the business of opium. The number of drug addicts of the country is only increasing with nobody to educate this poor people about the ill effects of opium use. It is even observed that ,women even sell their babies in search of the drug which is a pathetic plight for humanity Force behind drug trafficking in Afghan Currently Afghanistan is the largest drug producing country in the world. In an article the writer Carpenter mentions that:â€Å" The 2010 Afghanistan opium survey, which United Nation have recently released have revealed that the country’s opium production have decline 48% over the past year†(Carpenter) The opium plants are grown in the lands of tribal war land lords and these landlords are the part of Afghan government .This opium cultivation has taken the place of cottage industry in

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