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Marketing Strategy Masafi Mineral Water Company †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy Masafi Mineral Water Company. Answer: Introduction The following discussion if about Masafi Mineral Water Company based in United Arab Emirates (, 2017). Discussion of themarketing strategy and management of the company will be done in the following report. The analysis will be done based on4P model of marketing which is relevant for every marketing management strategy. Masafi is a mineral water company based in water deficient country like United Arab Emirates. The importance and significance of such a product is discussed below: Product: Masafi mineral water is the UAEs only naturally sourced premium drinking water. It is clean, clear, has a crisp taste. Masafi has natural replenishing minerals mixed in it. (Al Bawaba, 2017). Since UAE is fortunate enough to be endowed will deep water resources to save and to glorify water becomes the responsibility of Masafi (, 2017). Mineral water is a product which needs no market creation. Sale of mineral water is not a matter of concern if its quality is up to the mark. Masafi is the purest deep earth natural water and will sell automatically. Price: Price of Masafi Mineral Water has been kept a bit high as compared to its competitors in the market. 4 gallons of Masafi Mineral Water is priced AED 15 (, 2017). It is a bit high as Masafi relies on the choice of the customer to trust them with the quality of mineral water. Price of Masafi is kept so that it makes profits and appeals to the class of consumers it wants to create its market for. They have strategically kept the price high to convince high end consumers about the quality of the product. Promotion: Masafi has been very keen to promote its product in the high society. They have endorsed ambassadors who are owners of elite hotel chains, chefs in five star rated hotels and famous models of UAE (, 2017). They also organize Recycle events, Art and Culture events and gourmet feasts in which they portray the significance of using pure water in cooking, in having it daily and the cultural significance of purity as well. These promotions have helped Masafi to make a valued place in the hearts of its customers. Place: Masafi has understood the concept of marketing which says that it is all about placing the right product at the right price at the right time (, 2017). They have places Mineral Water at one of the best markets for it. UAE being a desert country requires good quality water for drinking (Emmanuelle Landais, 2017). It is also the place where almost all the richest people of the world visit and live. This is the best place to sell a product such as quality mineral water as per the marketing management concept. Conclusion It can be observed that the management of Masafi has done almost everything right in the context of marketing their product. The 4Ps analysis of their strategy in the above discussion shows that it is the optimum way to launch market and sell a product mineral water like Masafi has done. References Al Bawaba, U. (2017).UAE's Masafi launches new packaging.Al Bawaba. Retrieved 11 September 2017, from Emmanuelle Landais, S. (2017).Masafi launches water bottle recycling scheme.GulfNews. Retrieved 11 September 2017, from, I. (2017).Masafi | Retrieved 11 September 2017, from, P. (2017).The Four Ps of Marketing.Purely Branded. Retrieved 11 September 2017, from

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